Month: December 2017

Colonia and CTS | Faymonville Multimax PA-X

Faymonville-Multimax-PA-X-CTS-Container-Trucking-Service-Colonia-ES-GE-Auslieferung-title 11.12.2017

New MultiMAX with PA-X for Colonia Spezialfahrzeuge and CTS

A total of more than 100 years of company history is spread over our two customers COLONIA (the name reveals it) from Cologne and CTS – Container Trucking Service GmbH, located in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg. The history of the Cologne-based company goes back to the year 1945. A good 30 years later, in 1976, CTS was launched. Although the two companies are not related to each other in terms of business, they have in common, that we have sold two Faymonville vehicles to both companies equipped with a newly developed PA-X technology from the Belgian manufacturer.

Swing axles with low height

PA-X is a swing-axle system from the Belgian manufacturer Faymonville. Due to the particularly low overall height of the system, the minimum loading height of the newly introduced vehicle types and modules is just around 790 mm. Altogether, the swing axles can be raised and lowered over a range of approx. 600 mm. The maximum steering angle is 60 °. Both guarantee good maneuverability and excellent off-road capability.


The axles are used in the semi-modular CombiMAX-PA-X system in conjunction with special CombiMAX PA-X modules (two or three axle lines) or with modules from the previously known CombiMAX series (two to four axle lines) with 17.5 “tires. When using the latter, however, due to the different height at the interface, a minimum shoulder of approx. 70 mm is created. In both cases, the special neck known from the CombiMAX modular system is used. The vehicles are completed at the rear end with a PA-X platform with five, six, seven or eight axles.

Multimax PA-X

Faymonville also launched the wsing axles in the Multimax-PA-X series with a fixed neck. The semi-trailer is available in different axle configurations and is built with a vehicle width of 2,540, 2,850 or 3,000 mm. Possible configurations are ordinary 5 to 8 axles or also “2 plus 5” to “3 plus 8” with two or three counter-steered axles. The semi-trailer can be ordered as a single or double telescopic unit and can be equipped with a hydraulic single or double ramp on request. As another possible feature, the loading area can be equipped with a 4,440 mm long, 440 mm deep and 900 mm wide recess, built for excavator arms.

Possible combinations

Modular Trailer-System for Europatrans

Europatrans-Combimax-Mercedes-Benz-Arocs-title 06.12.2017

Modular Trailer-System for Europatrans

Faymonville CombiMAX

The company EUROPATRANS Speditions GmbH has been one of our customers for over 20 years. Some of our vehicles have been in the inventory of the company based in Lübeck for many years and continue to perform reliably on the roads of Europe. Last week we assembled some CombiMAX modules from our stock and made them ready for operation. We prepared a combination of a total of 9 axle lines from the modular system CombiMAX from Faymonville and handed over the complete train, consisting oft he semitrailer and a truck tractor, to Europatrans. The semi-trailer is composed of the universal gooseneck, a 2-axle and 3-axle centre-chassis and a 4-axle rear-chassis. Front- and and centre-chassis are additionally connected by an extension beam.

Mercedes-Benz 4163 S 8X4 BG16 AROCS

The 9 axle lines are pulled by a 4-axle truck-tractor by Mercedes-Benz. The engine drives two axles and generates a total of 460 kW and 3,000 Nm from a displacement of 15.6 l. It is thus well prepared for the registered gross train weight of up to 250,000 kg (trailer load 215,000 kg) and motorized more than sufficient for the 143,000 kg total weight of the combination used.