Month: May 2018

Timmerhaus | Faymonville TeleMAX and MegaMAX

Timmerhaus-ES-GE-Faymonville-MegaMAX-titel 14.05.2018

Faymonville TeleMAX and MegaMAX for Timmerhaus

Telescopic semi-trailers for a regular customer

Timmerhaus Spedition and Transporte GmbH from Oberhausen has been in family hands for generations. They have focused on heavy and special transports. The company’s tradition goes back to the 18th century. Formerly known as Timmerhues, the family worked in agriculture, in a time, when transporting goods from A to B was proceeded with far less horsepower. The premises in our neighboring town are just 20 minutes away from our location. This circumstance and the personal advice is very much appreciated by our long-term customer. We recently delivered the fourth telescopic platform trailer TeleMAX from FAYMONVILLE as well as another from a total of five MegaMAX low bed semi-trailers – also from the Belgian manufacturer.

TeleMAX telescopic up to almost 30 m

In the delivered configuration, the TeleMAX 3-axle semi-trailer is equipped with hydraulic forced steering and can be (double) telescoped up to a total length of approx. 29.8 m. The height of the semi-trailer platform is just 1,050 mm – resulting in a loading height of approx. 1.200 mm. It is suitable for a “lowliner” truck tractor unit. With a dead weight of approx. 11.9 to, the vehicle offers a payload of approximately 36.1 to.

Numerous applications

Within the TeleMAX series, Faymonville combines two- to six-axle plateau semitrailers. They are available even as 4x-telescopic with an overall length of up to 65 meters. The vehicle type is configurable with hydraulic or pneumatic suspension. Faymonville offers rigid, self steering or hydraulically steered axles as well as swing axles for the platform trailer. There are hardly any limits to individualization. Typical applications are the transport of parts of wind turbines, such as tower segments, rotor blades or wings or construction and bridge elements.

MegaMAX with vessel bed

The lowbed consists of a total of three modules – gooseneck, vessel bed and the rear chassis. It is also equipped with an excavator trough, which is covered at the rear end with a plug-in plate. The vessel bed in the “super-low design” measures approx. 6,850 mm in length and can be technically extended by approx. 4,700 mm. In combination with the swingaxle system – developed by Faymonville with axles from SAF – and the 5th wheel load of 18 t, the semi-trailer delivers a total weight of 42 t.

Loading platform and extension beam

Loading platform and extension beams are connected with a mechanical bolt-tab coupling. The connection between the low bed and the chassis simplifies the installation of extension beams or the replacement of the loading platform. Screw-on container locks for 20 ‘and 40’ containers are part of the extensive equipment as well as stake pockets and numerous lashing options – inside and outside on the girders of the loading area. In total we delivered three pairs of extension beams – 2 x 2 m, 2 x 4 m and 2 x 6. m. The shortest beams can be used, for example, for the transport of 40 ‘containers. Without them, the low bed only offers space for a 20’ container.

SANI | ES-GE tandem trailer

SANI-ES-GE-tandem-trailer-titel 07.05.2018

ES-GE tandem trailer for SANI

Transport solution for mobile infrastructure

Since 1990, SANI has been providing modular space and sanitation solutions, not just providing them, but also taking care of planning, infrastructure and service for events or other projects. Construction sites are just as important as sporting events and rock concerts.

Trailer suitable for 20′-containers

We have recently delivered two of our tandem trailers to SANI. Our airsprung tandem trailer suits perfectly for transporting the used modules. The 20′-containers used by SANI can be transported flush-fitting to the rear end. With the help of the extendable container locks, overwidth containers (about 2,820 mm) can be transported safely from A to B. In addition to the built-in container locks, the foldable lashing rings and the recessed stake pockets offer enough options for load securing of additional goods.

Extensions, ramps and side boards

Besides the loading area, also at the front and at the rear of the trailer are flexible in use. The vehicle can be ordered with an adjustable drawbar (maximum length approx. 1,650 mm) and an extension installed at the rear. The extension  can be locked at intervals of approx. 200 mm while it can be extended to a total of 800 mm. The maximum load for the extension is 2,000 kg. As another option, the vehicle can be equipped with ramps, which can be stowed in pockets below the loading platform. The same vehicle type is also available with side walls, which can be disassembled if necessary.

Equipped for daily use

The embedded silk screen floor is resistant and meets the demands of everyday use. Thanks to the close spacing of the cross members, the loading area is generally suitable for a high load.

Loads and weights

With a total weight of 18,500 kg, the tandem trailer has a technical payload of almost 14,000 kg. The dead weight is – depending on the equipment – about 4,500 kg. The load is carried by the two axles from SAF and the drawbar, which may be loaded with a vertical load of 1,000 kg.

Axles and brakes

The air suspension of the twin-tyred axle units can be operated manually. It can be used for raising the 2-axles by 250 mm or lowering it by approx. 60 mm. Disc brakes on both axles provide the necessary deceleration in daily traffic.