Month: October 2018

Bunte Spedition GmbH | Faymonville Cargomax

Bunte-Spedition-Faymonville-Cargomax_titel 30.10.2018

Tiltable semi-trailer for Bunte

Cargomax in action

The history of Bunte Spedition GmbH goes back to the year 1934, when Herrmann Bunte came up with his idea of founding a modern transport company. Almost 85 years later, the forwarding company is part of the Herrmann Bunte corporate grpoup. In addition to the forwarding agency, a car dealership and a petroleum retailer including petrol station network are part of this corporate grpoup. The forwarding company offers not only the transport of “light” complete and partial loads, but also open or oversized heavy transport.

Faymonville tiltable semi-trailer

Especially designed for oversized heavy transport with overwidth is the 3-axle semi-trailer from Faymonville, which we have delivered this summer. With the aid of the hydraulically tiltable loading area, oversized steel rings or sheets can be transported. Due to their dimensions, without tipping the loading area, these goods would be difficult to transport on public roads. The trailer is designed for a total weight of 45,000 kg and can of course also be used as a platform semi-trailer. Despite the installed hydraulic components, about 32,500 kg remain as a payload.

Loading area / load securing

The loading area is subdivided into three segments. Each can be locked with the aid of mechanical load supports in various angles between approx. 12 ° and 50 °. In addition, the vehicle can be extended (technically) by approx. 6,000 mm, making it the ideal tool for transportation – not just for loads with overwidth. Faymonville has deployed a total of 86 stake pockets and numerous lashing rings to ensure proper load securing. The hydraulic system is operated by a built-in electro-hydraulic power unit. Accordingly, a specially equipped tractor unit for the operation of the trailing semi-trailer is not required.

Manufacture and components

The usual high quality of Faymonville and the high-quality components by WABCO, SAF or BEKAMAX are, according to experience, a guarantee for high reliability in everyday life. The steel structure is shot blasted, then sealed and painted with a total of two layers, so that all structural components are protected in the long term. For sealing, a special process is used, in which the steel is hot-finished with a mixture of zinc and aluminum. For the construction, only high-strength fine-grained steels are used, which are assembled by highly qualified personnel.

Successful week at the IAA Commercial Vehicles

Titel-IAA-Commercial-Vechicles-2018-_Review 15.10.2018

Our fair presence in Hannover

A successful week at the IAA lies behind us

Every trade fair appearance has its own characteristics and requires at least as much patience as active involvement. After a total of seven days at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, we can look back on many exciting discussions and encounters with people from all over the world. Our team welcomed many familiar faces on our booth. Also we met many new prospective customers, who knew our products and our service only from the Internet. The great interest in our products and in particular our rental service makes us look to the future with confidence. As a reliable indicator of the success of our trade fair appearances, the CI – the „Currywurst Index“ – has prevailed. Some people claim that our booth is so well visited only because of the quality of our famous „currywurst“. Eight days and over 500 sausages later, however, we can draw an exceptionally positive balance.

Customer orientation as a leitmotif

Many of the interested visitors were surprised by the extent of our services and the range of our product- and brand-portfolio. As a registered manufacturer and manufacturer-independent dealer we can rely on a huge range of different vehicles. Based on this wide variety of vehicle types from various manufacturers, we can respond to the requirements and problems of our customers in a targeted manner. Always in focus: our customers. For us, customer orientation is not just a phrase, but the core of our corporate culture. This is what we were able to convey to many of our visitors at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. Thanks to the close collaboration with our suppliers, all of whom were represented at the show, we can offer customers flexible solutions in a demanding industry.

Crane manufacturer MKG

Our direct neighbor at the IAA Commercial Vehicles was crane manufacturer MKG this year. We have been working closely with the manufacturer of loading and assembly cranes for many years. The result of this cooperation are numerous truck tractor units and trucks that we have successfully marketed in recent years, both as part of our rental program and in direct sales. The presented Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2546 with HLK 531 HP a5 crane as well as the 4-axle AROCS truck with mounting crane were directly and added to our stock after the IAA.

Faymonville and MAX Trailer

On the booths of Faymonville and MAX Trailer there were a total of three of our ordered stock vehicles. They were immediately delivered to us after the fair. Such flexible and uncomplicated solutions are only possible because of the trusting cooperation with Faymonville. The presented semi-trailer MAX 200 with its drop-down and extendable rear end is also a very flexible solution offered by Faymonville respectively MAX Trailer. With its flat loading area and the “loading ramp”, the recently introduced product leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to the proven low-bed semi-trailer MegaMAX with a vessel bridge in “super low” design Faymonville brought another of our pre-ordered vehicles to Hannover. It was a telescopic MAX 100 with wheel wells. It is part of a series that includes 2- to 6-axle semi-trailers. The vehicle is also available with a hydraulically liftable loading bed or as a low height version.

You will find detailed information about our presented vehicles in our preview of the IAA Commercial Vehicles.