Josef Buller GmbH relies on MAX Trailer

Published on 30. June 2021.

Tradition in the Ruhr area

Buller relies on the new MAX110 for heavy and special transports

The first modern summer Olympic Games began 125 years ago in April 1896. It is not known whether the event was the inspiration for Josef and Ludwig Buller to start a company. In the same month, however, the story of the family company Buller began, which continues to this day and is now run under the same name in the fifth generation. The family business has meanwhile developed into a modern, nationally and internationally active service provider with a wide range of services. The services offered include crane rental, heavy and special transports, industrial assemblies, mobile routes and rescue services.


MAX Trailer MAX110 delivered

Even if ES-GE and Buller do not have such a long a history in common, Josef Buller GmbH has trusted our service and experience over the past few years. In this way, we were able to support our customers from the neighboring city in absorbing peaks in demand with vehicles from our rental pool. In addition, over the past 15 years we have delivered ballast semi-trailers, low loader semi-trailers, but also tractor units with loading cranes to our neighbours from Gelsenkirchen. The latest addition to Buller’s fleet is a MAX110 from MAX trailer. It is a hydraulically steered low loader semi-trailer. The delivered MAX110 from MAX Trailer weighs approx. 11,750 kg and offers a technically possible payload of approx. 46,250 kg. The vehicle can be extended by approx. 5,800 mm for extra-long loads.


Steered axles and low loading height

The first of the four axles of the semi-trialer is rigid and can also be lifted. All other axles are hydro-mechanically steered. The air-sprung axles from BPW are technically suitable for a maximum axle load of 12,000 kg. For German roads, the approval is given to 10,000 kg. Together with the technically possible fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg, this results in a possible total weight of 58,000 kg. Despite the built-in steering, the loading height with maximum load is only approx. 860 mm. With the help of a remote control, the axles can be controlled manually using pushbuttons.


Loading area can be used flexibly

Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have associated high-quality products with the MAX Trailer brand. On the one hand their products benefit from the standardization but on the other hand they also convince with intelligent detailed solutions. The entire experience of the Faymonville Group comes into play here. Detailed solutions are, for example, sliding suspension rails mounted on the rear of the semi-trailer. The rails can thus be adapted to the respective track width of the approaching vehicle. If the ramps are not required, they can be stowed in the rear area of ​​the gooseneck. Thanks to the WADER container pockets in the loading area, the MAX110 from MAX Trailer is also suitable for transporting 20, 30 or 40-foot containers. In short: Josef Buller GmbH can look forward to a versatile vehicle.


We wish our customer a good trip at all times!