Bunte Spedition GmbH | Faymonville Cargomax

Published on 30. October 2018.

Tiltable semi-trailer for Bunte

Cargomax in action

The history of Bunte Spedition GmbH goes back to the year 1934, when Herrmann Bunte came up with his idea of founding a modern transport company. Almost 85 years later, the forwarding company is part of the Herrmann Bunte corporate grpoup. In addition to the forwarding agency, a car dealership and a petroleum retailer including petrol station network are part of this corporate grpoup. The forwarding company offers not only the transport of “light” complete and partial loads, but also open or oversized heavy transport.

Faymonville tiltable semi-trailer

Especially designed for oversized heavy transport with overwidth is the 3-axle semi-trailer from Faymonville, which we have delivered this summer. With the aid of the hydraulically tiltable loading area, oversized steel rings or sheets can be transported. Due to their dimensions, without tipping the loading area, these goods would be difficult to transport on public roads. The trailer is designed for a total weight of 45,000 kg and can of course also be used as a platform semi-trailer. Despite the installed hydraulic components, about 32,500 kg remain as a payload.

Loading area / load securing

The loading area is subdivided into three segments. Each can be locked with the aid of mechanical load supports in various angles between approx. 12 ° and 50 °. In addition, the vehicle can be extended (technically) by approx. 6,000 mm, making it the ideal tool for transportation – not just for loads with overwidth. Faymonville has deployed a total of 86 stake pockets and numerous lashing rings to ensure proper load securing. The hydraulic system is operated by a built-in electro-hydraulic power unit. Accordingly, a specially equipped tractor unit for the operation of the trailing semi-trailer is not required.

Manufacture and components

The usual high quality of Faymonville and the high-quality components by WABCO, SAF or BEKAMAX are, according to experience, a guarantee for high reliability in everyday life. The steel structure is shot blasted, then sealed and painted with a total of two layers, so that all structural components are protected in the long term. For sealing, a special process is used, in which the steel is hot-finished with a mixture of zinc and aluminum. For the construction, only high-strength fine-grained steels are used, which are assembled by highly qualified personnel.