DLS Dual Lever Suspension

Published on 20. November 2015.

We introduce: DLS by Gigant

Light weight, low-maintenance and durable: The DLS-system (Dual Lever Suspension) by Gigant unites maximum payload with minimum weight. The maximum axle load is 12 tonnes – with a weight per axle line of only 675 kg incl. hydraulic suspension cylinder. Maximum steering angle (up to 57 degrees) or maximum longitudinal profile wide (650 millimeters): The configurations can be adapted to customers’ requirements. A large spring travel of 300 mm and an optionally available roll stabilization ensure maximum safety in all situations.

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Independent Suspension

The independent suspension allows a large maximum steering angle of up to 57 degrees. Thanks to the double-acting hydraulic cylinder spring optimum driving safety with less body roll is also guaranteed. The hydraulic spring cylinders also provides the option to integrate an axle lift.

Source: Gigant Group

Benefits of DLS

• Large steering angle (57 °)
• Low-maintenance bearings of the steering and the wheel head (compact bearing)
• Large suspension travel (300 mm)
• Double-acting hydraulic suspension cylinder for roll stabilization
• piston rod of the suspension cylinder is protected
• 30/30 brake cylinder on all axes possible
• Max. Axle load is 12to at 80 km/h
• Lightweight axle system (675kg)
• axle lift possible on the double-acting cylinder

Quelle: Gigant Group