FAST Logistik GmbH takes over new MAX110

FAST Logistik GmbH ES-GE liefert MAX Trailer MAX110 Titelbild
Published on 2. June 2023.

FAST Logistik from Austria receives new MAX110

Stock vehicle taken over quickly

The team at FAST Logistik GmbH from Austria has set itself the goal of always giving 120%. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in day-to-day business, attributes such as reliability, punctuality and safety have been the top priority for the transport company since it was founded in 2009. On the other hand, the management of the company confidently stands up for their right to be able to say “no” in business life. We are all the more pleased that we didn’t have to wait long for a “yes” after a short but intensive exchange with our new customer.

FAST Logistik GmbH ES-GE delivers MAX Trailer MAX110

The name FAST says it all

In the case of our customer, the decision-making process was also “fast”. 10 days after the first contact, an elaborately designed tractor unit from FAST Logistik GmbH arrived early in the morning on our premises to accompany a new low-loader semi-trailer on its first tour in the direction of Austria. The MAX110 from MAX Trailer was part of our long-term planned stock and from now on enriches the extensive fleet of our customer with another option for future transport tasks.

FAST Logistik GmbH ES-GE delivers MAX Trailer MAX110

MAX Trailer MAX110 with hydraulically steered axles

The hydraulically steered semi-trailer MAX110 from MAX Trailer is characterized by its versatile capabilities and numerous possible uses. Thanks to its hydraulic steering system, the semi-trailer offers improved maneuverability compared to vehicles with self-steering. The MAX110 plays this advantage particularly in difficult-to-access railings or in densely built-up areas. In addition to fully automatic operation, the system also offers the driver the option of manually controlling the axles of the low-loader. This not only makes transport safer, but also more efficient. The factory-made metallization of the delivered low-loader ensures the necessary longevity. As part of this process, the entire steel structure is first shot peened and then hot finished.

FAST Logistik GmbH ES-GE delivers MAX Trailer MAX110 lateral view

Extendable and widenable loading platform

Despite the hydraulic steering and extensive equipment, the telescopic vehicle weighs only around 11,470 kg. Based on the permissible values for the maximum axle loads of 10,000 kg in Germany, the delivered 3-axle vehicle offers a theoretically possible payload of approx. 36,530 kg. Technically, the axles by BPW are even designed for up to 12,000 kg. At 13,100 mm, the overall length of the vehicle is within the normal range. Technically, however, the vehicle can be extended by approx. 5,800 mm. Pull-out extensions also offer the possibility of increasing the usable width of the loading platform. All information on possible loads and weights are of course individually dependent on the respective equipment and the legal framework at the respective place of use.

FAST Logistik GmbH ES-GE delivers MAX Trailer MAX110 loading area

MAX100 and MAX110 consistently popular

The MAX110 and its self-steering “brother” MAX100 are the best-selling vehicle types in the range of our long-standing partner MAX Trailer.  Trailer explicitly focused on the fact that the low-loader semi-trailers can be used adapted to a variety of transport requirements. Both variants offer an impressive combination of performance, security and flexibility. Innovative features, a high load capacity and the user-friendly design ensure that the series is very popular. This can also be seen in the user experience as part of our rental program. The robust construction of the semi-trailer guarantees reliability even under demanding conditions.

FAST Logistik GmbH ES-GE delivers MAX Trailer MAX110

We wish the team of FAST Logistik GmbH a safe journey at all times!