Helmut Reiter | Faymonville Multimax PLUS

Published on 22. May 2019.

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Faymonville Multimax PLUS for Helmut Reiter

The Essen-based company Helmut Reiter GmbH has made a name for itself as a specialist for forklifts and work platforms in recent decades – and that far beyond the city limits of Essen. With more than 2,000 vehicles, the landlord of new and used forklifts and work platforms is one of the largest providers in Germany. From heavy duty forklift trucks to cleaning vehicles, the portfolio of our “neighbour” covers the needs in the industrial, agricultural and construction sectors. The history of the company dates back to the 1960s. Helmut Reiter GmbH now employs approx. 150 people and provides their products to well-known companies with short-, medium- and long-term rents.


Rental with own fleet

The rental park includes e.g. industrial forklifts with a load capacity of 1.5 to 25 to. and more, rough terrain forklifts from 2 to 6 to. and telescopic forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 12 to. and a lifting height of 25 m. As an authorized dealer for the premium brands Yale, Manitou and Bulmor, Helmut Reiter GmbH attaches great importance to high-quality equipment and reliable vehicle delivery. In addition to the use of external forwarding companies, the company therefore relies on its own growing vehicle fleet – mainly in the interest of its rental customers. At this point we come into play.

Faymonville Multimax PLUS

Just in time for the beginning of spring, we delivered a new 3-axle Multimax PLUS from Faymonville to Helmut Reiter GmbH. The “PLUS” in the name of the model stands for vehicles in ultralight construction. The delivered low loader offers a theoretically possible payload of approx. 38,750 kg – sufficient capacities for the purposes of our customer. Thanks to the loading height of approx. 860 mm at maximum load, there is enough room for transport goods.


Two-piece ramp

At the rear of the vehicle two-piece ramps are mounted. The two-part design delivers the low approach angle required for lifting and working platforms or forklifts. The total length of approx. 4,640 mm results from the approx. 2,855 m and approx. 1,485 mm long elements. The ramps can be moved hydraulically inwards and outwards and are therefore ideally suited for self-propelled implements of different categories.

Multimax from Faymonville

Multimax represents a whole series of semi-trailers with 2 up to 10 axles and a payload of up to 120 to. The Multimax series includes a range of semi-trailers that can be configured, for example, with pendulum axles or the Faymonville PA-X or Twin Axle 2 systems – an independent suspension with a maximum steering angle of 57 °. Multimax Plus has been designed as an ultra-light version and is configurable with two to four axes. Available features of the entire Multimax series are e.g. ramps, wheel wells and excavator wells as well as a hydraulic lifting bed – and many more.