IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018

Published on 5. July 2018.

ES-GE at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018

20. – 27. September 2018 in Hanover

What has been manifested as a motto in the last few years will once again determine the motif of our exhibition appearance at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: the trend towards light, low and versatile vehicles.

Our exhibits

This year, we will be presenting a total of 11 vehicles on a once again enlarged area, where we will present an overview of our product range. Among the presented vehicles there are semi-trailers and trailers of our own brand as well as semi-trailers of the Belgian manufacturer Faymonville / MAX Trailer. In cooperation with our long-standing supplier Faymonville / MAX Trailer and the crane manufacturer MKG, we will also be presenting additional vehicles from our portfolio as partners on their booths. Additionally to our own products, we will also present semi-trailers and trailers of our own brand as well as low-loader semi-trailers of the Belgian manufacturer.

Truck with loading crane

Truck tractors and trucks with loading crane have established as an integral part of our product portfolio. They will also be part of our exhibition presentation at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018.


Lowline truck-tractor IVECO AS440S57TX/P 6×2 420 kW

In Hanover we present the first 6 × 2 lowline truck-tractor from Iveco with a 5th wheel height (unloaded) of approx. 1,030 mm – with a 5th wheel load of 18,000 kg. The possible total weight of the lowliner is 26,000 kg. The total train weight is 67,000 kg, the dead weight is about 8,050 kg. The 420 kW (570 hp) of the Euro 6 engine transmits its power through a 12-speed gearbox called HiTronix to the rear axle. Adaptive cruise control, lane monitoring, hill start assist and, of course, ESP are among the extensive features of the tractor unit.

ES-GE 4-axle semi-trailer with wheel recesses

The dead weight of the 4-axle semitrailer with “mega-neck” is approx. 11,780 kg. The vehicle has a payload of about 38,220 kg and a loading height of 800 mm. The loading area of ​​the trailer of our own brand is equipped with wheel recesses. Suitable compensating blocks and container locks offer the possibility to use the loading area as a flat “surface”. The vehicle in Hanover will be equipped with two self-steering axles. On request, however, it can also be ordered with ETS (Electronic Trailer Steering) or hydraulic steering.

Volvo truck FH 460 CHH-LOW 6 × 2 with MKG loading crane HLK 531HP a5

The truck-tractor by Volvo is equipped with a low-height construction flatbed body. The loading height is approx. 1,040 mm. The structure is e.g equipped with up to approx. 3,000 mm (laterally) extendable container locks. The payload of the vehicle is approx. 6,140 kg. The HLK 531HP a5 loading crane on the rear is built by MKG. We will also bring the matching trailer to Hanover.

ES-GE 2-axle central axle trailer

The 2-axle trailer of our own brand ES-GE is equipped with several special details. It has an extension at the rear end by approx. 800 mm. The extension can be locked in steps of approx. 200 mm with a maximum load capacity of 2 to. The drawbar of the trailer is also adjustable. It can be adjusted in steps of approx. 100 mm (6 steps). The removable front wall opens up new possibilities for the transport of long goods. Optionally available ramps can be transported in a space-saving way in pockets below the loading floor. By default, the trailer is perfect for transporting 20 ‘containers. Alternatively, we also offer the vehicle with removable side walls.

MAN 2-axle truck-tractor TGX 18.500 4 × 2 LLS-U

Compatible toto our megatrailers, which we will bring to Hannover, we will present a 2-axle MAN with a fifth wheel height of approx. 950 mm at our booth in Hanover. In the range up to 40,000 kg,  the dead weight of approx. 8,150 kg leads to a total of 24,540 kg of usable load for semi-trailers and cargo. The 500 hp lowliner from the TGX series is equipped with the MAN TipMatic automatic transmission. The supplied gearbox-configuration “PROFI” allows the driver at any time to shift mannuall, e.g. accelerated downshift on kickdown. The cabin of the tractor is equipped with two sleeping places and provides the necessary comfort during rest breaks.

ES-GE 3-axle semi-trailer with wheel recesses

The 3-axle semi-trailer weighs slightly more than 8,000 kg. Its payload has a value of approximately 40,000 kg – supported by the 18-to-neck and the three 10 t axles from SAF. The first axle is liftable, the third axle is self-steering. In the range up to 40,000 kg, depending on the tractor, there are still around 25,000 kg left for the load – with a total weight of up to 41,800 kg it leafs to  approx. 26,800 kg. The equipment of the 3-axle semi-trailer includes coverable wheel recesses and ramps at the rear. The vehicle is particularly suitable for the transport of rail-road excavators. The excavator arm recess at the rear of the vehicle measures approx. 3,880 x 640 x 226 mm.

MAX Trailer extendable 3-axle semi-trailer with wheel recesses

Regarding its wheel wells and detachable or electro-hydraulic ramps, the MAX 100 from MAX Trailer is perfectly suitable for transporting excavators or wheel loaders. Overall, the MAX 100 range includes 2- to 6-axle semi low loaders, which can be ordered with a hydraulically liftable loading bed or with a reduced overall height (about 760 mm).

ES-GE 3-axle platform semi-trailer

The 3-axle semi-trailer weighs only 7,920 kg as standard configuration. Technically, the vehicle deilivers a payload of over 40,000 kg. The self-steered semi-trailer can be extended technically by up to 6,000 mm. These features as well as the numerous lashing points and load securing options make this semi-trailer being an all-rounder.

Mercedes-Benz truck with crane body MKG 991

The 4-axle chassis of the crane vehicle comes from Mercedes-Benz. It carries a mounting crane type HMK 991HP Ta2-a3 from MKG. The crane is e.g. equipped with a double telescopic boom and a pluggable hydr. Joint. At an angle of 45 °, the crane reaches a maximum hydraulic range of 30 m. The maximum hook height is approx. 41 m.

Mercedes-Benz truck 2546 with MKG loading crane

The ACTROS chassis from Mercedes-Benz is powered by a 335 kW (455 hp) engine. At the rear end it carries a HLK 531 HP a5 loading crane from MKG. The loading crane with 5x-extension is constructed as endlessly swiveling and has a maximum reach of approx. 14.25 m. In a horizontal position, it is possible to lift up to approx. 3 to. The loading area is approx. 6,500 mm long. It is equipped with retractable container locks.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 3351 LS with Fassi loading crane F485RA.2

The loading crane by FASSI was built on a Mercedes-Benz 3351 LS tractor. With a maximum extension of 14.4 m, the loading crane offers a lifting capacity of 2,660 kg. Optionally, some of the functions of the crane can be operated with a remote control by using joysticks. The tractor engine produces 375 kW (510 hp) and complies with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

ES-GE 3-axle ballast semi-trailer

Our “short” ballast semi-trailer measures 8,040 mm and is one of the compact members of its class due to its low weight of approx. 5,200 kg. It allows a maximum 5th-wheel-load of 23,000 kg and  a maximum axle load of 27,000. This leads to a technically possible total weight of 50,000 kg. With the front swing radius of approx. 2,700 mm, the short ballast semi-trailer is suitable for a 4-axle semitrailer tractor. Optimal load distribution results in a theoretically possible payload of approx. 44,800 kg.

MAX Trailer 3-axle megatrailer with extendable loading table

The vehicle shown is part of the MAX 200 series from MAX Trailer. At the rear, the semi-trailer can be lowered to a length of 2,200 mm behind the axles. There is also an extendable loading table inside the hydraulically lowerable tail . With the help of the ramps, a ramp angle of 10° can be achieved. The payload of the extendable semi-trailer is approx. 35.320 kg. The dead weight is approx. 9,680 kg.

MAX Trailer 2-axle lowbed semi-trailer

The low bed semi-trailer from MAX Trailer is steered hydro-mechanically and equipped with a hydraulically raisable and lowerable neck. The space between the axles of the MAX 510 is constructed to take an excavator arm. At maximum load the loading height in the loading area is approx. 350 mm. With an empty weight of approx. 11,850 kg, the payload of the semi-trailer is approx. 31,150 kg.

Faymonville 3-axle low bed semi-trailer

The hydraulically steered lowbed semi-trailer from Faymonville is equipped with 12 t swing axles, hydraulic suspension and a detachable gooseneck. The 3-axle MegaMAX, which we will exhibit in Hanover, is equipped with an extendable “Super Low” designed bridge. The ground clearance is about 150 mm, while the loading height is about 375 mm – both unloaded. The payload is approx. 48,400 kg – with a dead weight of approx. 17,600 kg.

How to find us

Our booth is located in the outdoor area under the roof of the pavilion – Booth P68

Information about the fair

Link: Visitor information

Public days:

Thursday, September 20 to Thursday, September 27, 2018


Deutsche Messe, Exhibition Center, Hermesallee, 30521 Hannover

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09.00 – 18.00 o’clock