Kerger from Luxembourg | Truck + Trailer

Published on 12. November 2020.

Volvo with loading crane + ES-GE trailer for Kerger from Luxembourg

Complete train: 4 weeks delivery time

Our customer Etablissement Kerger S.A. is not only characterized by its 50-year company history. In Bissen, Luxembourg a team of 65 people is specalized in the construction of halls for agriculture and industry. The professionals from the heart of Luxembourg offer a complete service for every construction project. Planning, permits, earthworks and demolition work, concrete work and the final hall construction – everything is in one hand. Renovation work and repairs of roofs are also part of the extensive range of services. Of course, this requires an impressive a fleet of vehicles and machines: excavators, tractors, trucks with loading cranes, chain cranes as well as mobile cranes. So the team can  draw on the full potential during every construction project.


Repainted and delivered

Crane, truck and trailer – preferably yesterday. No problem! Painted in the company’s own color combination? Let’s go! Less than 6 weeks after the first contact, we were able to hand over the vehicles to our customer – in the right “dress”, of course. Our stock of new vehicles and the long-term planned construction-slots often enable us to realize very short delivery times. The Volvo of the type FH 460 CHH-LOW 6 × 2 with a low construction container-platform-superstructure was available as a new vehicle on our premises. It only had to be repainted. Since trucks with loading cranes have established themselves as an important part of our delivery program, new vehicles are continiously being planned. Deliveries and satisfied rental customers confirm our assessments.


Volvo truck with container-platform-superstructure

The chassis is powered by a 12.8 liter diesel engine. Its exhaust gases  flow out of the exhaust pipe in accordance with EURO 6D. The power unit transfers the power to the automated I-Shift transmission. Technically, the package could move a total train weight of 60,000 kg. There is at least enough space behind the cab. The platform with the dimensions 6,300 x 2,480 x 600 / 1,900 mm (side and front wall) has container locks, side walls and stake pockets. So it’s good to have your own crane with you for loading. Loadchart of HLK 531


Loading crane MKG HLK 531HP a5

The loading crane has a hydraulic range of 14.10 m. Horizontally, it carries a maximum load of 3,030 kg. The endlessly swiveling device with the abbreviation “a5” reaches a height of up to approx. 18 m. The “5” stands for the fivefold extension. The combination of Volvo + MKG works. Both tenants and end customers report positively and are satisfied. Instructions for the crane with the designation HLK 531HP a5 are carried out  conscientiously by our experienced service team.


ES-GE trailer

Our varbiable tandem trailer completes the new Kerger train. The delivered variant is equipped with side walls and was delivered with attachable ramps that can be placed under the loading floor during the journey. Technically, the central axle trailer offers a possible total weight of max. 20,500 kg (axle load + vertical load). Depending on the equipment, it weighs approx. 4,675 kg when empty. Like the towing vehicle, the trailer also has container locks that enable 20‘ containers to be transported. If necessary, the drawbar can be adjusted in length in steps of 100 mm.


We wish our customers a lot of fun with their new vehicles and of course always a safe journey.