MAN TGX 33.480 with loading crane

Published on 4. September 2015.

MAN TGX 33.480 with FASSI-loading crane F485RA.2.25 xe-dynamic

The MAN 3-axled truck tractor with loading crane by Fassi is driven on two axles. It fulfills the Euro 6 emissions standard and delivers 480 hp / 353 kW.

The endless pivoting crane from offers a load capacity of 2660 kg with maximum extension of 14.6 m. Among other features of the crane is equipped with double-toggle-lever-system with PROLINK, which enables to extend the working angle – depending on the model – up to 15 degrees over the horizontal line. The stability control FSC – Fassi Stability Control permanentliy monititors the stability of the vehicle, taking the extension of the support legs into account.

A detailed specification can be found at the following link: MAN TGX 33.480 with Fassi-Ladekran