Company Gerhard Hein | MAX Trailer MAX510

Published on 16. March 2021.

Company Gerhard Hein receives MAX510

New low-bed trailer for our long-term customer

The haulage company, originally founded by Gerhard Hein in 1961, can look back on a 60-year history. As today the work is done with high-horsepower tractor units and trucks, in the first years of their existence, horses actually pulled the load behind them. Hartmut Hein, one of the founder’s sons, has now taken over the business of company, based in Kreuztal, Germany. Meanwhile the horses were exchanged for motorized towing vehicles due to insufficient performance and also due to the changed tasks of our customer. The transport company that originally primarily transported wood has developed into a universal company for transport over the past few decades. Moved goods include beverages, as well as steel in all kind of shapes and heavy machinery.


MAX Trailer MAX510 with pneumatic suspension

Of course the MAX510 is not an ideal solution for transporting beverages. It is more suitable for bulky goods. Our customer’s MAX510 can technically grow by up to 5,500 mm. Theoretically, a usable length of approx. 12,250 mm is then available between the neck and the chassis of the low-bed semi-trailer. The axles of the delivered MAX510 are hydro-mechanically steered. The max. axle load is 12,000 kg – depending on the regulations. A maximum of 10,000 kg per axle is permitted on German roads. By using all technically possible loads such as fifth wheel load, axle load and total weight, the theoretical payload is approx. 35,000 kg. Due to the axle load of a maximum of 10,000 kg per axle, which is permitted in Germany, the payload is reduced by 4,000 kg. When using a 3-axle tractor unit (6×2), a payload of approx. 25,000 kg is possible on German roads.


Hydraulically steered with removable gooseneck

The gooseneck of the gentian blue MAX510 can be raised and lowered hydraulically. It can also be removed. Vehicles can drive over the front of the loading area. Built-in multi-couplings make it easier to separate the hydraulic lines between the loading area and the gooseneck. Where as the built-in electro-hydraulic unit supplies both the neck and the axles with the necessary pressure. The latter can be controlled manually with the help of a remote control if required. Especially for excavators there is a recess in the chassis at the rear end. The height of the chassis is approx. 900 mm with maximum load. The chosen options include a removable intermediate table, that is equipped with WADER container pockets. The low-bed area is also equipped with container pockets. A high-quality paintwork in conjunction with a zinc dust primer ensures the required durability of the standard shot-blasted welding frame.


MAX510 also available with pendle-axle system

The MAX Trailer MAX510 is currently available with two or three axles. Each one is available either with pneumatic suspension or with the pendle-axle system by Faymonville. The axles from the “parent company” of MAX Trailer offers an axle load of a maximum of 12,000 kg. The total stroke of the system is approx. 600 mm. Equipped with this axle system, the low-bed semi-trailer is ready for demanding route profiles, supported by the maximum steering angle of approx. 60 °. We have already included both variants of the MAX510 in our rental program.


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