Lowbed-Semitrailer Project “Renovation”

Published on 14. June 2018.

Turning old into new

Renovation as a project

Our service team has carried out a major renovation project on behalf of Tobias Heming GmbH over the past few weeks. Already in the past, our team has restored and repaired many semitrailers or trucks and also gained experience with fire damaged or vehicles. However, such an extensive project was a novelty even for our team.

It started with the ground

After removing the wood from the loading area of the approx. 10 years old lowbed-semitrailer by Langendorf, we were able to see in which condition the chassis really was. We found  a little rust, a few bumps, worn cables and damaged hydraulic lines. The frame, all the supporting parts and the axles on the other hand proved to be a robust and still usable base. However, the semitrailer urgently needed at least a new coat of paint.

Sheets and welding work

But before it went into the paint booth, numerous operations had to be done. The chassis has been completely revised and repaired in many places. For this purpose, we have cut out cover plates between the support beams and also on the gooseneck. We fitted some new plates and welded them to the semitrailer. We also replaced individual checker plates over the axles with new ones.

Support legs and windenings

The front support legs were also replaced. We straightend the support legs at the rear end, which also had to be made feasible again, as well as some of the widenings, which are now fully usable again.

Electrics and hydraulic lines

In addition to the structural work on the chassis and the floor, we have renewed the entire electrical system and replaced the hydraulic lines on the rear chassis of the lowbed semitrailer. Taillights, side marker lights and also the broadening lamps are now emitting with the help of LEDs.

New color for the lowbed

The penultimate step was done by our painter. All visible parts of the vehicle were sandblasted, primed and then painted.

Hardwood floor in oak

After all the adjustments were made and the new paint was applied, our service team was able to start the last step by laying the 38mm thick hardwood floor. The elements are all made of oak wood. The hydraulic ramps received a new rubber coating.

Everyone is happy

The extensive renovation was a nice experience for our team. The driver and the managing director were impressed. Especially the driver clearly enjoyed the handover of the vehicle. Certainly such comprehensive efforts are not suitable for every vehicle, but this project shows that experience and dedication can sustainably prolong a vehicle’s life.