Rothermel | MegaMAX Tiefbettauflieger

Published on 7. March 2019.

2-axle lowbed trailer to Baden-Württemberg

Faymonville MegaMAX for Edgar Rothermel Internationale Spedition GmbH

The logistics service provider Rothermel from Östringen in Baden-Württemberg has a current workforce of 190 employees. The original company was founded in 1963 and has grown into a group of companies that is familiar with the handling of complex logistics projects, but also with the pure transport business.

Low bed semi-trailer expands large fleet

The modern vehicle fleet comprises a total of 120 trucks or truck tractors, which – depending on the vehicle type and requirement – are combined with 160 trailers or semitrailers. In addition to the semi-trailers known as “standard vehicles”, the fleet includes building material vehicles, dump trucks, construction machinery as well as heavy-duty transport vehicles. With the handover of a new MegaMAX lowbed trailer from Faymonville, we have added another vehicle to the latter category. The semitrailer, painted in the corporate colour of Rothermel, was ready to be picked up on our premises in Essen.

Extendable low bed semi-trailer

The lowbed semi-trailer is equipped with a hydro-mechanical steering. It also has a hydraulically controlled axle compensation. The gooseneck can be hydraulically lifted and lowered. The complete vehicle weighs about 12,500 kg. This results in – depending on the maximum fifth wheel load of the truck tractor – a technically possible payload of about 29,500 kg. The loading area is designed as “super-low”. With ist length of approx. 6,850 mm it offers sufficient space for bulky goods. If the length of the deep bed is insufficient, the MegaMAX can be extended by approx. 5,500 mm.

Container locks and recess for excavator arms

The delivered MegaMAX is versatile due to its numerous tie-down options and load-securing elements. Preparations for the transport of 20 ‘or 40’ containers are just as much part of the equipment as the stake pockets embedded in the carriers of the cargo area. The recess between the 2-axle chassis can take an excavator arm. The transport of vehicles is also facilitated, as the neck is detachable. Bulky, heavy or simply special – the low-bed semi-trailer can be used flexibly and offers numerous options for handling transports comfortably and safely.

Also in the rental

Not always painted in the desired color, but nevertheless according to the requirements of our customers, vehicles of this category are also part of our rental program. Contact our team and find out about our flexible terms and conditions.*

*Please regard, that we offer our rental-program only to German customers or Customers with at least a subsidiary in Germany.