Rothmund GmbH | Volvo with MKG crane

Published on 29. June 2020.

Rothmund gets complete train – and more.

Volvo truck with MKG loading crane

Lift and move | What at first sounds like a course in the gym is the motto of Rothmund GmbH – and has been for almost 40 years now. If you want to keep up in the highly competitive market and meet the growing demands on people and machines, you really have to keep fit. The company management was aware that services such as machine transport and complete relocations would complete the offer. Initially founded as a crane company, the company from Pforzheim now has a fleet of vehicles and machines which enables them to  proceed vertical and horizontal transports in dimensions of up to 400 to.


For Rothmund the team has priority

The continuous growth was not only reflected in the expansion of the fleet. The company also expanded spatially and opened up new business premises. With regard to the entire company, however, the management points out, that it is not the machines and vehicles, but a good team that has to bear the main burden and that people in the company are still ahead of products and profits. “You can’t do much with the other two factors without a good team. From planning to delivery, our team looks after each project with commitment and competence. And that all over Europe, ”says managing director Heiko Brückner.


Demand and experience

For individually planned vehicles and technically demanding implementations, on the one hand, of course, a detailed requirement profile is required, as well as one or more competent contactpersons. The implementation  is a lot easier when communication is straightforward e.g.. So far, the cooperation between our companies has always been pleasant and professional. Rothmund GmbH belongs to the group of customers who trust in our rental service. The company has been able to meet peak demand with trailers from our company several times. For the implementation of the latest project, Heiko Brückner came to us with his specifications – knowing well that his request will be handled professionally by our managing director Markus Hurdelhey. Thanks to his technical know-how, claims and reality meet at eye level. A complete train was described in the specification – consisting of a truck with a loading crane including a suitable trailer. Both should be suitable for the transport of containers.


From planning to delivery

A point, that is often neglected when planning a crane vehicle is the pre-financing of the base vehicle. Our customers have the advantage that we are the only point of contact from planning to delivery and beyond. We take care of the right chassis and take over the coordination and communication of the individual suppliers – until the finished product is ready for being picked up. For Rothmund GmbH, we have planned and built a new crane vehicle in close cooperation with our longstanding partner MKG.


Volvo FH 540 8×2 with MKG HLK 691SHP a6

The base vehicle is a 4-axle truck from the FH series by Volvo. Its engine produces 551 hp / 405 kW and puts a torque of 2,652 Nm on the crankshaft. An automated transmission with a total of 12 gears transfers the driving force to its third axle. Technically, this package allows a total train weight of 70 t. The HLK 691SHP a6 crane unit from MKG was placed behind the driver’s cabin, which is covered in th ecolour “Millennium Silver metallic”. The maximum hydraulic range is approx. 16 m. When fully extended, the endlessly swiveling crane device in this configuration with 6-way extension carries a maximum load of 3,300 kg. In a radius of approx. 4.55 m, the maximum payload is 13,350 kg. The container platform body of the truck is – as the name suggests – primarily intended for the transport of containers. The locks from Jost, which can be pulled out to approx. 3m, accommodate containers with a length of 20 ‘.

HLK 691SHP load chart


ES-GE tandem trailer

The train is completed with an ES-GE tandem trailer. The popular 2-axle vehicle is the perfect addition to the towing vehicle. Also equipped with container locks, the trailer is  suitable for transporting 20 ‘containers, too. The air-sprung vehicle has an extendable drawbar and an extension at the rear. The drawbarcan be locked in six different positions in steps of approx. 100 mm. Foldable lashing rings and eyelets in the outer frame provide enough options for proper load securing. 12 supplied stakes can be stored in pockets in the outer frame or in the four rows on the loading area.


Spontaneous purchase

“If we are already in Essen …” Maybe that was not exactly the train of thought, but quite spontaneously Heiko Brückner decided to take another vehicle from us to Pforzheim. After detailed instruction by our colleagues from MKG, one of our short 3-axle ballast trailers took a seat on the loading area of the new Volvo. With the ballast trailer, which is only 8 m long, Rothmund GmbH is expanding its fleet with a flexible tool. The technically permissible total weight is 50,000 kg – with an empty weight of approx. 5,150 kg. Theoretically, a payload of at least 44,580 kg could be achieved – at least technically.

We have learned that all of them have arrived safely in the south and have already completed their first mission.

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