Published on 23. July 2019.

More than 50 vehicles delivered since ES-GE was founded

With a manpower of over 600 employees and a company history that goes back far into the last century, Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG is one of the market leaders in the industry. The specialist for crane work, special transports and industrial assembly is diversified in the fields of technology and logistics. Schmidbauer owns a machine and vehicle fleet that is spread over more than 20 locations. Its range goes from compact mini cranes and trucks with loading cranes to crawler cranes for extreme applications with a capacity of up to 1,350 to. Lifting and transporting with this equipment is still not child’s play, but it creates the technical conditions to live up to the creed of the company from Gräfelfingen: “Schmidbauer combines the skills of professionals with the performance of machines”.

Professionals at work

We also enjoy working with professionals and at the same time appreciate the trust that professionals put in us and our service. However, the execution of a major contract requires not only mutual trust, but also a high degree of technical know-how and a reliable planning in terms of production. As the relationship between our companies has existed for decades, working with Schmidbauer is a lot easier, as we both know each others abilities and requirements.


Cooperation for almost 50 years

Surely unbelievable in this context is that the founder and “forefather” of ES-GE, Helmut Sucko, already worked together with the Schmidbauer in 1970. Since our company was founded in 1986, we have continued to work together. The customer relationship now covers almost 50 years – almost half a century. The number 50 comes up in this context once more. A sneak look into our archive reveals the order volume that ES-GE has handled with Schmidbauer over the past 33 years: During this time, we were able to hand over more than 50 vehicles to the specialist for crane work, special transports and industrial assembly.


Modifications on customer request

As a manufacturer-independent dealer and lessor of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, we not only have excellent contacts with the sales teams of our suppliers. In our role as a lessor for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, we rely on a large technical know-how across manufacturers. Repairs and maintenance work are carried out professionally and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. On customer request, we also implement modifications in our service area that are not available ex works.


Conversion to hydraulic support legs

The most recently delivered semitrailers from MAX Trailer were originally equipped with manual support legs. Our workshop and service team has replaced the factory mounted supports on customer request with hydraulic supports. In addition to the skills of our employees, a specially made recording made this subsequent retrofitting possible. Already known from other projects is the automatic lowering system of the air suspension, which prevents the support legs from kinking, when the semi trailer has been parked with a load. A gradual lowering of the cargo bed could cause irreparable damage to the support legs. With the help of our system, the support legs can only be lowered when the air has been released from the chassis.


Schmidbauer will again receive eight vehicles

After our service team had completed the conversion work on all semitrailers, in June a package with a total of eight vehicles was ready for pickup on our premises. We have handed over five hydraulically steered semi-trailers of the type MAX 110 and two also hydraulically steered platform semi-trailers of the type MAX 210 to Schmidbauer. The package was completed with a TGX 33.540 6 × 4 truck tractor from MAN.

We wish the entire team of Schmidbauer continued success!

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