Voß from Rostock customer for 20 years

Voß Referenzen ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX200 Titel
Published on 19. July 2022.

Voß and ES-GE: More than two decades of cooperation

Development of Voss from Rostock accompanied

André Voß Erdbau & Transport GmbH has an extensive service portfolio. In addition to selling gravel, minerals and road and recycling building materials, the Rostock-based company also offers special transport and crane services. However, our customer does not only travel on the mainland. Gravel that is processed in the company’s own gravel works is quarried by Voß itself in the Baltic Sea in an environmentally friendly manner using the dredging process, thus making an active contribution to covering the region’s need for gravel. In accordance with the wide range of products and services, Voss has an equally wide range of vehicles, the development of which we have been actively involved in for decades. We have now been working with the team from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for over 20 years. During this period, we not only delivered individually configured new vehicles. The Voß team also regularly uses our rental options.

Voß References ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX200

Heavy haulage and special transport

“We move your ideas!” is the motto of the Rostock company. With us, too, movement comes into play, especially when it comes to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Time and time again, our team has supported customers in exploring new options, expanding their own range of services and redesigning entire fleets for the long term. The fact that the name Voss has been directly linked to heavy and special transport for many years now can also be attributed to the close cooperation with our sales team. André Voß Erdbau & Transport GmbH has used almost our entire portfolio in recent years. The expansion of the fleet included hydraulically steered low-bed trailers, low-bed combinations, low-loader semi-trailers and tractor units. In June we again handed over two vehicles that had been ordered a few months ago to the Voß team: two mega trailers from MAX Trailer.

Voß References ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX200

Megatrailer by MAX Trailer

The two MAX200 semi-trailers can be used in a variety of ways. Although the 3-axle mega trailer can be telescoped, it only weighs approx. 8,815 kg. Based on the maximum fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg and the axle load of 3 x 9,000 kg, the vehicle offers a possible payload of up to approx. 36,185 kg. The total length is approx. 13,600 mm. If required, e.g. to accommodate 45′ containers, the vehicle can be telescoped in specified steps. The chassis is carried by three air-sprung BPW brand axles, all of which are equipped with disc brakes. Two axles are rigid, the third axle is self-steering. To make maneuvering easier, the self-steering axle can be locked using an electromagnetic device. Blocking can also be done manually. The first axis also has an additional function. It can be raised depending on the load status.

Voß References ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX200

MAX200 loading area

The loading area is covered with an approx. 38 mm thick hardwood floor. The floor is framed by an outer frame made of high-strength fine-grain steel, which has a total of 20 stake pockets. Both MAX200 are equipped with 6 pairs of WADER container pockets to accommodate containers. The transport options for containers are as follows: 1×20′ container, 2 x 20′ container, 1 x 40′ container or 1 x 45′ container. In order to enable the transport of 45′ containers, there is an additional locking point in the pull-out. In addition to the stake pockets and the container locks, the two MAX200 have, among other things, 22 lashing rings in different designs. There are also cut-outs in the outer frame, which allow the attachment of straps. All the equipment features mentioned make the MAX200 a versatile semi-trailer.

Voß References ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX200

We look forward to further exciting projects in cooperation with Voß from Rostock!