Weber Beton Logistik GmbH | Max 510

Published on 4. July 2017.

Lowbed semitrailer towards Austria

MAX 510 by MAX Trailer

Ramps at the rear end and the detachable neck allow vehicles to drive onto the MAX 510’s loading area from the front as well as from the rear. The special feature in this case is that the vehicle can be loaded from both sides while it is telescoped. By using special elements, the gaps, that arise during telescoping, can be bridged. In “normal operation” the elements remain on the vehicle. The loading area, which can be extended approx. 4.000 mm, also leaves plenty of space thanks to the low loading height of approx. 165 mm at maximum load.

The technically possible axle load of the air-sprung and hydraulically steered axles is 12,000 kg – with corresponding tires. Taking into account the maximum 5th wheel load of 23,000 kg, the 2-axle-lowbed semitrailer delivers a technically possible payload of approx. 30,400 kg. In Germany, the maximum permissible axle load of 10,000 kg reduces the payload by 4,000 kg to approx. 26,400 kg.