Würzburger Kranverleih | ES-GE Ballast-Semitrailer

Published on 7. February 2019.

ES-GE semi-trailer for Würzburger Kranverleih

Würzburger Kranverleih und Bergungsdienst GmbH operates since 1994. They are based in the eastern industrial park with an area of ​​more than 7,500 m². The company now operates a fleet of 15 truck cranes among other heavy duty and transport vehicles. A towing and revcover service is also part of their repertoire. 30 employees are now spread over four locations in southern Germany. The company has recently put three of our ballast semitrailers into operation.

Three new ES-GE ballast semitrailers

Crane parts and crane weights – the core competence of our ballast semitrailers. We have handed over three new vehicles from our program to the new owner from Würzburg. With their 11 air-suspended axles, the company from the south can now transport a total of over 140 t. We have delivered two 4-axle and one of our “short” 3-axle ballast semitrailer, which rolls on three rigid, disc braked axles. Depending on the tractor unit and version, our short ballast semi-trailer offers a technically possible payload of up to 39,850 kg.

Forced steering 4-axle semi-trailer

The two 4-axle semitrailers offer a technically possible payload of approx. 53,260 kg. Three of the four SAF 11-t axles are equipped with mechanical forced steering. The first axle is designed as a lift axle. Load securing devices such as stakes, lashing rings and separately welded hook plates are also part of the extensive features of the trailer.


No “crooked legs”

The two 4-axle vehicles are equipped with a technical system that prevents damage to the front support legs. An automatic lowering system of the air suspension prevents the support legs from bending, as the outriggers can not be lowered until the air has been released from the system. A “sneaking” lowering of the loading area could otherwise cause irreparable damage to the support legs.