Brand new: ACTROS 2748

Published on 14. June 2021.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2748

Brand new: 6×2 lowliner truck unit

We are one of the first customers to receive a fifth generation Actros type 2748. As a “lowliner” with a fifth wheel height of approx. 980 mm, the 3-axle vehicle is suitable as a truck for mega-trailers. Thanks to the third axle, the possible total weight is 26,500 kg. The axle loads are distributed from the first to the third axle as follows: 8,000 kg, 7,100 kg and 11,500 kg. With a dead weight of just over 9,000 kg, the technically possible fifth wheel load of the 3-axle tractor reaches almost 17,500 kg. Under the GIGASPACE driver’s cab works a 350 kW (476 hp) diesel engine with a displacement of 12.8 l. It transmits up to 2,300 Nm to the drive shaft. At the time of delivery of the first vehicle, Mercedes-Benz approved a total train weight of 60,000 kg. Newly delivered vehicles have a gross combination weight of 68,000 kg.


Drivetrain, steering and equipment

Between the engine and drive shaft worsk the automated PowerShift 3 transmission. The automated transmission supports the driver in driving economically and adapts to the respective driving and load situation. The system also intervenes intelligently on downhill gradients and, for example, maintains the gear when using the engine brake. If it is going uphill, a system prevents the truck from rolling back. An integrated “maneuvering mode” with crawling function enables precise maneuvering. Also helpful when maneuvering: the second axle is a steering axle. Another highlight of the long list of equipment is the High Performance Engine Brake. This is a wear-free permanent brake that sustainably reduces wear on the primary brake.


Megatrailers to match the lowliner

Our product portfolio includes numerous semi-trailers for which the “Lowliner” of the Actros 2748 is suitable as a truck. We use the products of different vehicle manufacturers. Suppliers who have megatrailers or mega semi-trailers in their range include: Faymonville, MAX Trailer, Kögel and Dinkel. In addition to the brands mentioned above, we of course also sell semi-trailers and low-loader semi-trailers with a correspondingly low 5th wheel height under our own brand. Of course, we also offer complete trains, consisting of semi-trailers and truck units, in this segment as part of our rental program. In our vehicle search, you have the option of accessing currently available vehicles as well as vehicles that will be available soon.

More details on the equipment can be found here. Our team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.