JOHANN BUNTE-Logistik receieves Faymonville MegaMAX

Published on 7. June 2021.

JOHANN BUNTE-Logistik receives Faymonville MegaMAX

3-axle low bed trailer delivered

JOHANN BUNTE Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading German construction companies with currently around 1,700 employees. As part of the corporate group, JOHANN BUNTE-Logistik is one of the largest freight forwarders in northwest Germany. With their fleet of over 180 trucks, they are responsible for the entire Germany-wide construction site logistics. After a detailed technical briefing on our premises in Essen, we handed over the latest addition to our customer’s vehicle fleet: A 3-axle low-bed semi-trailer of the type MegaMAX from Faymonville.


Extendable and widenable

As usually offered by Faymonville, also the MegaMAX can be configured in different variants. The MegaMAX can be equipped with an excavator bridge, a flatbed bridge or, for example, a tank bridge with hydraulic widening. The low bed semi-trailer delivered by us has an approx. 7,500 mm long loading area with lateral beams. With the help of the extendable beams, the approx. 2,740 mm wide loading area can be telescoped in steps of approx. 500 mm to a possible total length of approx. 12,500 mm. By using the foldable outriggers, the loading area can be expanded in width by approx. 230 mm on each side. If the extension planks are placed, the usable width of the loading area of ​​the delivered MegaMAX is approx. 3,200 mm.


Chassis with “pendle-axles”

Faymonville offers the MegaMAX with different chassis components: “Ackermann-steering”, hydraulic pendle axle or Faymonville’s Twin-Axle-II system with independent wheel suspension. Regardless of the chosen system, all variants are equipped with a recess for excavator arms. The new low bed from JOHANN BUNTE-Logistik GmbH is equipped with Faymonville’s pendle-axle-system, which offers a possible axle load of 12,000 kg each on German roads. All three axle lines are equipped with hydraulic axle compensation. They can be adjusted manually. An optionally available radio remote control is an upgrade to the standard cable remote control.


Low bed for 3 or 4-axle tractor units

The hydraulically raisable and lowerable gooseneck is suitable for operation with 3 or 4-axle tractor units. Technically, the gooseneck offers a much higher payload, but the plan is to use the new vehicle from JOHANN BUNTE-Logistik GmbH not exceeding the maximum fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg. Ideally, this would result in a possible total weight of 54,000 kg or a maximum payload of almost 36,000 kg, when using the maximum payload of the three axle lines, too. Potential goods for the MegaMAX from Faymonville include heavy construction machinery, tower segments or generators for wind turbines, but also boats and yachts. Self-driving vehicles can use the option of entering the loading area from the front. The retractable gooseneck makes it possible.


Hydraulic power pack and optional equipment features

Even if the neck can be detached: As it is not always possible to detach the gooseneck in order to drive a vehicle onto the loading area, both the front and the rear end of the chassis have a bar for placing detachable ramps. By using them, the low-bed trailer can also be driven over from behind. Apart from an optionally available hydraulic cable winch, all hydraulic processes can be controlled with the help of the electro-hydraulic unit installed on the vehicle. The power supply of the unit is fed by a NATO socket, as well as the also optionally available electric cable winch.


Central lubrication simplifies maintenance

A central lubrication system from BEKAMAX ensures the longevity of most mechanically stressed components. The system reduces the maintenance intensity as a manual relubrication is carried out by an automatic system. Only the lubricant has to be refilled. Users and owners can look forward to longer maintenance intervals. After all, you don’t make money with a stationary vehicle.


We wish our customer a good trip at all times!