Christmas 2015

Published on 15. December 2015.

At the end of each year, you look both back and forward. We would like to thank you for cooperation in the past year and at the same time we are looking forward to hopefully continuing our successful time together.

We wish all of you, your colleagues, employees and your families a relaxing and peaceful holiday season.

Success can only be enjoyed when it is shared. Therefore, in the true spirit of Christmas, we support sports clubs and non-profit organizations this year, such as Essen’s animal-shelter and the youth welfare “Zug um Zug!”

The team of
ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

Please note our modified opening times at the beginning of 2016:
In the current year we are open until 23th December and from 28th to 30th December as usual for you.
In the new year we will re-open on 4th January.