CombiMAX for Esser

Published on 26. January 2017.

Faymonville CombiMAX

7 axle-lines in use

For six months, the company Schwertransporte Esser has been using components of the modular combinable low-loader system CombiMAX by Faymonville. 7 of the 12 initially ordered axle-lines – delivered in September  2016 – are currently in operation at the transport company from Wuerselen.

New vehicles planned

Two other elements from the package, one with two and one with three axles, which are still on our premises, will be a basis for the construction of further modular combinations from the CombiMAX series.

Trailers and semitrailers

CombiMAX offers numerous possibilities of combination and allows almost perfect configurations for individual transport solutions. The axle lines can be combined as a semitrailer with a goose neck or alternatively with a drawbar as a trailer. Thanks to the standardized coupling head with bolt-plate coupling, the different components can be connected to one another. The goose neck is additionally equipped with a hook holder, which allows to connect to a suitably configured two-axled front gear.

Chassis and accessories

The modular system by Faymonville includes telescopic excavator beds, vessel beds and a flat bed loading area, liftable and lowerable goose necks, two-axled front, middle and rear gear-modules with two, three, four or five axles. The so-called “Joker axle” is a single-axle chassis part, which can also be connected to an existing chassis as required.

Renting and hire purchase

The versatile combination and usable modules are also offered as part of our rental and hire purchase services.*

More about CombiMAX

In the beginning of 2016, we were able to sell a total of seven axle lines as part of a large order from Hegmann Transit. They are planning to add new modules to the existing combination. The  variably usable components have proven their worth since then.


*Please regard, that we offer our financing and rental-service only to German companies or companies with a subsidiary in Germany.