Contemporary Witness MegaMAX

Published on 20. April 2015.

Faymonville MegaMAX from 1998

Still not out of date

The partnership between Faymonville and ES-GE now covers more than two decades. Nearly a “contemporary witness” of this cooperation is a MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer, which has been sold through ES-GE to I. Hess Betriebsumzüge/Dorweiler with establishment in Dusseldorf 17 years ago and was recently taken over again by ES-GE.

Large field of activity fort he semi-trailer

The 3-axled vehicle was delivered by ES-GE to the company Hess Logistik in 1998 and since then it has been used in many different fields of activity. The company Hess is a medium-sized service company located in Dorweiler with establishment in Dusseldorf, specialized in complete winding of company shiftings, machine assembly, machine transports and special transports. Besides, Hess offers a comprehensive portfolio for all required demands to its customers.

Pioneering role for independant wheel suspension

The MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer is equipped with a “Twin Axle I” chassis. This term of Faymonville inside use simply stands for the meanwhile more and more often used independent suspension.

With this stage of development – practically the first generation – Faymonville took at that time a pioneering role. For the first time, thanks to this principle of the independent suspension, a load capacity of 12 tons per axle could be reached.

High processing quality in trailers

Down to the present day, the system has found many imitators. Faymonville has now incorporated the latest development stage in the market, the “Twin Axle II”. The mentioned vehicle testifies of high processing quality and also therefore does not is still not out of date after many years of use.

Low bed semit-trailer

Up to the servicing of classic wearing parts (brake linings or brake drums) the semi-trailer ran without problems through many kilometers for Hess. Accordingly, this device hardly experienced a depreciation, which is why it could still achieve about one quarter of the purchase price 17 ago.

Therefore ES-GE welcomed this MegaMAX again with pleasure, in order to bring him back on the road later on after selective refurbishing. In the meantime Hess has equipped its fleet with a new low bed semi-trailer of the type MegaMAX.

ES-GE with stock vehicles from Faymonville

ES-GE belongs to the first German companies on the market, as well as in the area of renting / hire purchase of heavy-duty vehicles. This is – thanks to the extensive offer of Faymonville products – the main part of ES-GE’s portfolio.

On ES-GE‘s premises in Essen, the interested customer always finds the desired vehicle thanks to a constant stock of from 100 to 150 new or as good as new semi-trailers of all kind.

-The text was drafted in close cooperation with Faymonville