Disaster Protection receives twoh vehicles

Katastrophenschutz Referenzen ES-GE MAX Trailer MAX110 titel
Published on 30. March 2022.

Civil protection: people and equipment

Two trailers for the Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Brand- und Katastrophenschutz (Lower Saxony state office for fire and disaster protection)

Last summer in Germany, we learned how important the tireless commitment of aid workers is in the event of a disaster, when masses of water made their way, devastated entire regions and many people not only lost their homes. The tasks that need to be dealt with in such a case are diverse, and the organization is a challenge. Because civil protection as a whole is not set up as a permanently available auxiliary force. Disaster control or civil protection describes much more an organizational principle, which is defined by the centrally managed and controlled organization of emergency services and authorities in the event of a so-called major disaster situation. Disaster control is the responsibility of the federal states, but it is basically organized in the same way in all federal states.

disaster protection references ES-GE MAX Trailer MAX110

Aid organizations work closely together

Depending on the type of catastrophe or major situation, a wide variety of responsibilities and competencies may be required. The actual civil protection forces include aid organizations such as the German Red Cross, the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, the Malteser Hilfsdienst or the German Life Saving Society. The fire brigade is the most important pillar of civil protection. This includes both the volunteer fire brigades and the professional fire brigades. In the state of Lower Saxony, all fire service members are trained at the Lower Saxony State Office for Fire Protection and Disaster Prevention (Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Brand- und Katastrophenschutz / NLBK) with locations in Celle and Loy. Already at the end of 2020 we had the first contact with those responsible for this facility. In the meantime, we have handed over two vehicles to the civil protection team in Lower Saxony.

disaster protection references ES-GE MAX Trailer MAX110

Professionalism and reliability

All members of our team attach great importance to providing targeted and purposeful advice when selecting a product. However, legal framework conditions require an additional degree of professionalism and reliability when working with authorities. Last but not least, an appropriate price/performance ratio is a decisive factor. The implementation of a project in cooperation with state institutions shows confidence in the individual strengths of our team as well as in the ES-GE brand as a whole. But far away from the administrative tasks, the focus of the trainers and the emergency personnel is on the reliability of the equipment. Because in addition to the know-how of the emergency services, the equipment is ultimately the cornerstone for fast and targeted help.

disaster protection references ES-GE MAX Trailer MAX110

MAX Trailer MAX110

A MAX Trailer MAX110 delivered by us has been part of the civil protection vehicle fleet in Lower Saxony for almost a year. The modular system derived from the product portfolio of the Faymonville brand offers solutions for numerous requirements. Basically, the high processing quality and the excellent price-performance ratio speak in favor of MAX Trailer. The best conditions for the successful implementation of the project. The delivered MAX Trailer MAX110 weighs approx. 12,300 kg. All three axles of the low-loader are hydraulically steered. The axles can also be controlled manually using a remote control. The maximum axle load of 10,000 kg permitted in Germany in combination with the fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg enables a payload of approx. 35,700 kg. Thanks to the WADER container bags in the loading area, the MAX110 from MAX Trailer is also suitable for transporting 20, 30 or 40 foot containers.

disaster protection references ES-GE MAX Trailer MAX110

Ramps at the rear

The delivered MAX Trailer MAX110 is equipped with two-part ramps. Excavators or generally self-propelled construction machines, which are often used in the event of a disaster, can be driven over the rear onto the loading area. When loading, the ramps can be loaded with a maximum of 40,000 kg (per pair). The galvanized steel ramps are a total of approx. 4,150 mm long and approx. 800 mm wide. The two-part construction and the overall length result in a low drive-on angle. The ramps are operated entirely hydraulically. This means that the ramps are not only folded in and out with the help of the built-in electro-hydraulic unit. The hydraulics also allow lateral shifting of the ramps. If necessary, the ramps can be easily adjusted to the track width of the construction machinery or other vehicles.

disaster protection references ES-GE MAX Trailer MAX110

ES-GE semi-trailer with reinforced frame

Last week we handed over another vehicle to the NLBK team. The 3-axle trailer from the ES-GE brand is designed for high point loads. Including the reinforced frame with profile cross members, the robust semi-trailer weighs approx. 6,750 kg. The fifth wheel load is 18,000 kg, the total axle load is 27,000 kg. Technically, the trailer offers a possible payload of approx. 38,250 kg. Both vehicles will be used in the future for general logistics tasks in civil protection. The transported goods include, for example, vehicles, containers or even tents. Talks about further projects are already planned.

disaster protection references ES-GE semi-trailer

At this point, we would like to expressly take the opportunity to thank all the helpers and emergency services who sacrifice themselves either every day as part of their job or on call in an emergency to help others.