ES-GE at NUFAM 2019

Published on 9. September 2019.

NUFAM 2019

Trade fair for commercial vehicles

“Get things moving” –  This is the motto of the 6th edition of NUFAM 2019 in Karlsruhe. At the same time it celebrates its 10th anniversary.We will also move a lot to present a growing part of our of our product portfolio in cooperation with the crane manufacturer FASSI. Especially in the past two years, truck tractors as well as trucks with loading cranes have become established as part of our delivery and rental program. With our appearance in Karlsruhe, we will meet the increased demand. We are also looking forward to the personal contact with customers and interested parties in the context of this year’s NUFAM.


Volvo FH4 ​​6×2 with FASSI F485RA.2 xe-dynamic

Cylinder capacity of 13 liters, 345 kW and 2346 Nm – These are the performance data of the chassis on which we have built the F481 F485RA.2 xe-dynamic loading crane from FASSI. An automated 12-speed transmission transfers the power to the second axle. A differential lock provides the necessary “grip” even on slippery surfaces. With a technically possible total weight of 56 to, the FH4 from Volvo is excellently suited as a towing vehicle. We have recently delivered a complete combination of truck and trailer to the company Diedrich Schröder GmbH & Co. KG.


The vehicle

The truck’s dead weight is approx. 19,100 kg – including the loading area and the loading crane. The capacity of the low-height loading area is approximately 6,900 kg, considering a total weight of 26,000 kg. Not only weights, but also the topic of “safety” is on top the list of entrepreneurs and fleet managers. The now mostly legally required electronic helpers support the driver and increase safety for other road users. In addition to the usual assistance systems such as ABS / EBS and ESP, the vehicle has a collision warning, an emergency brake assistant as well as a lane departure warning system. Four spotlights on the roof provide the necessary vision. The warning panels, which can be pulled out to a width of 5m, ensure sufficient visibility.

The superstructure

To accommodate the crane mounted on the rear, a subframe was put on the chassis. It is able to accommodate a loading crane with a capacity of 48 mt. The platform offers a useful area of ​​approx. 6,300 mm x 2,480 mm. It is framed by 500 mm high sideborads and an approx. 1,800 mm high headboard. The steel construction is completely powder-coated – of course in the color of the vehicle. The built-in container locks can be pulled out to a total width of approx. 3,000 mm. They are suitable for the transport of 20 ‘containers.


The loading crane

The F485RA.2 xe-dynamic loading crane is suitable both for the assembly behind the driver’s cab of a truck tractor unit as well as for operation at the rear of a truck. The long equipment list contains numerous abbreviations. For example, XF, XP and FL stand for “Extra Fast”, “Extra Power” and “Full-Lift”. And that’s exactly what the crane shows in action. Thanks to the integrated digital radio remote control, that is equipped with a large display, crane functions and, if desired, vehicle and support options can be operated quickly and precisely.

Product booklet (Link to producer’s website)

Yout way to the trade fair

You will find us as a co-exhibitor at the boothof FASSI in the “dm-arena” | Booth no. D 401

Information about the NUFAM 2019

Opening hours:

26th to 29th of September 2019

10:00 – 18:00 h


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