Fehrenkötter erhält vierten MegaMAX

Fehrenkoetter Faymonville MegaMAX geliefert von ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge
Published on 6. February 2023.

Four in a row!

Fehrenkötter receives fourth MegaMAX

Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH is one of the leading providers of agricultural machinery and vehicle logistics in Europe. At the European level, the company is the point of contact for the vast majority of manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery, transporters and trailers. Customers not only associate the name Fehrenkötter with specialized industry solutions for agricultural machinery transport, vehicle transport and special transport, but also with a large number of logistics services.

Fehrenkoetter Faymonville MegaMAX geliefert von ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge

Fehrenkötter Part of the L.I.T. group of companies

The family company, founded in 1929, continues to operate after the takeover by L.I.T. managed by Joachim Fehrenkötter in the third generation last year. With the “docking” to the L.I.T. group, the managing director ensured that his company was positioned for the future in the absence of an internal successor plan, so that the success story could be continued. Meanwhile, the common history of Fehrenkötter and ES-GE has lasted for round about a decade.

Fehrenkoetter Faymonville MegaMAX geliefert von ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge

our low bed semi-trailers for Fehrenkötter

In the joint business relationship, the team around Joachim Fehrenkötter not only ordered individually configured new vehicles from us. If necessary, they also used our rental service. According to the motto “never change a running system”, our customer has always relied on products from the Faymonville brand. Last autumn we were able to hand over the fourth MegaMAX low bed trailer to Fehrenkötter. Depending on the configuration, the delivered 2-axle vehicles are ideal for transporting agricultural machinery and other demanding special transports. So they fit perfectly to the requirement profile of the transport and logistics company from the Tecklenburger Land.

Faymonville MegaMAX individually configurable

MegaMAX low-bed semi-trailers are available in different versions for numerous applications and areas of use. Gooseneck, loading platform, axles and steering can be adjusted to individual requirements. We delivered vehicles of the series MegaMAX to Fehrenkötter with both a central carrier and – as was the case last time – with two external carriers. In essence, however, all vehicles were based on a similar concept. The air-sprung low bed semi-trailers all have hydraulic forced steering and are extendable.

Fehrenkoetter Faymonville MegaMAX geliefert von ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge

Low bed with vessel bridge

With the last vehicle delivered, our customer can therefore rely on well-known equipment and – thanks to continuous further development by Faymomville – at the same time ultra-modern equipment. The 2-axle vehicle is designed for operation with 2- or 3-axle truck tractors. The chassis offers a total axle load of 20,000 kg. In conjunction with the registered fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg, this results in a payload of up to approx. 25,400 kg. The possible total weight is therefore 38,000 kg. The dead weight 12,600 kg in the vehicle registration document.

Fehrenkoetter Faymonville MegaMAX geliefert von ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge

Low loading height

At just 300 mm, the loading height is almost negligible when fully loaded. Approx. 100 mm of ground clearance remains between the road and the carrier while not extended. The loading area, which can be technically extended by up to approx. 5,500 mm, is equipped with a removable wooden floor between the beams. The hydraulically operated gooseneck can also be removed. It can be retracted for easier loading of self-propelled machines. To make it easier to drive on, bars provided for this purpose offer the option of hanging in aluminum ramps. Widenings on the outer beams also enable adjustment to extra-wide loads, whether the load is mobile agricultural machinery or non-mobile loads.

Extensive equipment

The extensive standard as well as the optional equipment of the low-bed semi-trailer leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the countless lashing options in the loading bed and on the rear chassis, the MegaMAX has, among other things, a hydraulic power pack with which hydraulic processes can be controlled independently of the equipment of the tractor unit. The chassis, which is compact in design at approx. 2,800 mm, also accommodates an excavator-arm recess. The two hydro-mechanically forced-steered axles of the MegaMAX can also be steered manually using a remote control. Like the carrier at the front end of the loading area, the rear chassis is chamfered on both ends  including rails for using aluminum ramps. With a view to the business areas of agricultural machinery and special transport, the MegaMAX is a perfect fit for Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH.

Fehrenkoetter Faymonville MegaMAX geliefert von ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge

We wish the team from Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH always a safe journey and a lot of joy with their new Faymonville low bed semi-trailer.