Gertzen | 3-Axle Semi-Trailer

Published on 12. October 2017.

Megatrailers for Gertzen

Faymonville TELEMAX and MAX Trailer

GERTZEN Krane – Transporte GmbH & Co. KG has been active for 50 years and is particularly well-known as a specialist for mobile cranes, crawler cranes, heavy duty transports, working platforms and trucking and towing services. Two new semi-trailers were handed over to the new owner last week. To get to their new “home” they were loaded on two low bed trailers of the company Gertzen.

Both trailers made by Faymonville-group

The two semi-trailers come with a coupling height of approx. 950 to approx. 1,050 mm. It is designed for operation with a low-line or low-deck truck-tractor. With approx. 8,300 kg, the MAX Trailer MAX200, which is equipped with rigid axles and is not telescopic, weighs almost exactly 3,000 kg less than the double-telescopic and hydraulically steered semi-trailer branded Faymonville. However, the payloads of both vehicles are almost identical with approx. 36,600 kg. The hydraulically steered TELEMAX trailer from Faymonville ecompensates its higher dead weight with its higher axle load of 3 x 10,000 kg – technically the axle load is even 3 x 12,000 kg. The MAX200 rolls on axles with a maximum capacity of approx. 9,000 kg. MAX Trailer also offers a hydraulically steered vehicle with flat loading area as a megatrailer – called MAX210.

Loading area and equipment

The Faymonville TELEMAX can be lenghtened up to approx. 16,200 mm, what leads to  a possible total length of approx. 29,800 mm. The extensive equipment of both vehicles includes container lockings, which offer three options when transporting containers. It is possible to place one 20′-, two 20′- container or a 40′-container on the platform. With the chamfered tail optional ramps can be used to drive on the semi-trailer from the back.  On all vehicles, disc brakes provide the necessary deceleration.

Quality of Faymonville and MAX Trailer

Basically, both brands base on a similar product portfolio. The vehicles of the brand MAX Trailer are cost-effective but also high quality products, which differ from the products of the brand Faymonville only by the standardized kit system.