IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

Published on 16. July 2016.

ES-GE at IAA Commercial Vehicles

22nd to 29th September 2016 Hanover

This year our booth Q68 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 will be in the outdoor area but protected by the roof of the exhibition pavilions. So our visitors enjoy both fresh air and protection against wind and rain.

Low, lightweight, versatile

We have recognized a trend towards variably usable and lightweight vehicles. According to that we presented relevant semi-trailers and trucks at the BAUMA in Munich. Following this issue we will present 11 vehicles on an even larger area at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover.

SCANIA R 490 LA 6×2/4 MLB

The SCANIA lowliner truck tractor R 490 LA 6 × 2/4 MLB 360 kW (490 hp) is equipped with a liftable and steered 2nd axle. Special features are e.g. the low coupling height of only 980 mm and an axle load display, indicating the loads separately for the front and rear axles. The low weight of about 8,160 kg combined with the technically possible total weight of 26,500 kg and lead to a  technically possible maximum 5th wheel load of 18,340 at a gross train weight of 70,000 kg.

ES-GE 4 axled semi-trailer low-height construction

With a dead weight of about 10,600 kg the technically possible payload is about 39,400 kg by using the matching Scania truck-tractor, also exhibited in Hanover. The loading height is 800 respectively  750 mm. By using compensation supports and container locks the flat “mega-neck” allows to use the entire length of the vehicle as loading area. The low loader is equipped with dual-tires and two steering axles, but can also be delivered with ETS (Electronic Trailer Steering) or hydr. forced steering.

Volvo FM 450 4 × 2 CHH XLOW

Also suitable for vehicles with low coupling height is the 2-axled EURO 6 VOLVO truck-tractor type FM 450 4 × 2 CHH XLOW. The coupling height is approx. 950 mm. The Chassis and the 338 kW (460 hp) engine are designed for a gross train weight of 48,000 kg. The entire vehicle weighs just 7,200 kg (dead weight) and ist equipped with an automatic transmission (I-Shift).

ES-GE Mix 15 3-axled semi-trailer

The extendable vehicle  ( up to 4,050 mm) is especially suitable for the transport of wheel loaders or excavators and also 2 x 20 ft or 1 x 40 ft containers. The loading area of the telescopic and steered 3-axled semi-trailer is equipped with wheel recesses and a pocket for excavator arms. The two-part hydraulic aluminium ramp with a ramp angle of about 9 ° is custom made for this vehicle. The wheels with a height of approx. 410 mm can be reduced to a height of 200 mm. They are designed for wheelbases between 2,450 and 3,800 mm. The loading heights are 1,050 mm on the neck approx. 880 mm on the loading area. In order to take the different container dimensions into account, the semi-trailer comes with optional compensation supports with container locks.

Scania R 490 LB6x2 * 4HLB with MKG loading crane HLK 531HP a5

Loading crane, low-height platform and container locks – The entire package leaves almost no wish ungranted. The truck by Scania carries an MKG crane type HLK 531HP a5. The data sheet says there are 6,140 kg available as payload. With a maximum power of 360 kW (490 hp) the EURO6 aggregate guarantees comfortable and quick driving even when using the optional trailer coupling in conjunction with a trailer.

ES-GE 2-axled trailer

The air-suspended trailer rolls on two 10-to-axles by SAF. It is equipped with disc brakes. A special feature is the pull-out rear extension, which can be locked every 200 mm. It can carry up to 2,000 kg and can be pulled out up to 800 mm.

MAN TGX 33.480 with Fassi crane

The 6×4 MAN truck type TGX 33.480 complies with emissions standard Euro 6 and provides 353 kW (480 hp). The endless pivoting crane by Fassi still has a load capacity of 2,660 kg at its maximum extension  of 14.6 m. The  features of the crane are e.g. a double- toggle system with PROLINK and the stability Control FSC – Fassi Stability Control. The system with a monitoring function ensures a perfect handling of the crane by taking the stability of the vehicle into account, depending on the (extended) position of the support legs.

ES-GE 3-axled platform semi-trailer

The 3-axled platform semi-trailer, we are going to introduce at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover, is an extreme lightweight. With approximately 7,880 kg in its basic configuration it comes with a (technically) payload of approx. 40,000 kg – divided on the 18-to-neck and the three 10-to-axles by Gigant. The self steering platform semi-trailer can (technically) be extended up to 6,000 mm and offers numerous off lashing points and load securing options, positioned in the loading area and in the outer frame.

MAX Trailer 3-axled semi-trailer

The 3-axled semi-trailer by MAX Trailer, a subsidiary of Faymonville, is made of different fine-grained steels. Wheel recesses in the loading area of this low-loader can be covered. They allow comfortable transports of excavators in combination with optional electro-hydraulic ramps at the rear end.  The vehicle ist extendible (+ 4,750 mm) and provides a maximum payload of 37,650 kg.

MAX Trailer 2-axled low-bed semi-trailer

The gooseneck of the hydro-mechanically-steered low-bed semi-trailer can be detached, raised and  lowered to allow an easy loading of various construction vehicles. Excavator arms can be placed in  the recess above the axles which come from SAF. The loading height in the bed is approx. only 350 mm at maximum load. Taking the approximate dead weight of  11,834 kg into account, the delivered payload is approximately 31,166 kg.

MAX Trailer 3-axled „Megatrailer“

The loading area of this flat megatrailer by MAX Trailer is covered with hardwood.  This semi-trailer rolls on 435er tires and is equipped with WADER container pockets, stake pockets and several lashing points. When exploiting the maximum 5th wheel load of 18,000 kg the technically possible payload is approx. 37,560 kilograms – with a dead weight of approx. 7440 kg.

Volvo 3-axled truck with loading crane by MKG

Just before the beginning of the trade fair, another vehicle has been completed. The 3-axled truck by Volvo is equipped with a loading crane by MKG Maschinen- und Kranbau GmbH. The vehicle is, just like the presented Scania, equipped with a low-construction platform body. It can be used for a wide range of tasks. The vehicle will be on display at the booth of MKG and will be available right after the IAA Commercial Vehicles.

DOLL 3-axled low-bed semi-trailer “PANTHER”-axles

Another stock vehicle we will offer after the exhibition will be presented at the booth of DOLL. “Panther” – That’s the name of DOLL’s axle-system, the presented 3-axled low-bed semi-trailer is equipped with. The split axles of the telescopic semi-trailer are steered hydraulically. They allow an axle load of 12 to. each and a loading height of approx. 300 mm in the low-bed area, whereby the driving level can be adjusted manually.

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Tickets and opening times

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The show highlights

“The automotive world meets at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. It is the world’s leading trade fair for mobility, transportation and logistics. Its comprehensive innovations, exhibitors from several industries, discussions and, last but not least, the expert visitor structure represent a unique profile.

The IAA Commercial Vehicles is special because practically all the suppliers are represented alongside the manufacturers. The IAA is therefore the world’s only mobility fair which represents the entire commercial vehicle industry along the whole value-added chain, providing the best conditions for good business.

With its broad spectrum the IAA provides a comprehensive overview of the international commercial vehicle industry

(Source: Details IAA)