KEMPF tipper semi-trailer for Langhoff Transporte

Published on 15. March 2022.

Langhoff Transporte receives individually configured KEMPF tipper semi-trailer

Even small(est) businesses receive tailor-made solutions

Our customer base is broad. This refers both to the numerous sectors and also to the size of the individual companies. Long-established traditional companies are just as much a part of our clientele as young, up-and-coming individual companies that often start out as “one-man businesses”. Langhoff Transporte followed this path in 2020. Today’s owner, Lars Langhoff, started the transport company as a “one-man operation” with just one truck. The transport company based in Schleswig-Holstein specializes in the transport of bulk goods, in particular grain, animal feed, sand and fertilizer. The partly seasonal demand leads to a short-term increase in the number of employees, especially at harvest time. This shows how important even supposedly small companies are for the level of employment in the transport industry.

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Everyone starts small

Whether large or small – all our customers rely equally on our purchase, rental and hire-purchase options. While large companies can often still compensate for machine failures, small companies in particular are highly dependent on the functionality of their vehicle and machine park. It is all the more important that our customers can rely on both our products and our services. The core business of our company is trailers for heavy transport, but in particular, of course, extendable low-loader semi-trailers. Nevertheless, we offer our customers numerous other solutions with which we can selectively broaden the basis of our product portfolio, whether for rental or sale. Lars Langhoff, owner of Langhoff Transporte, decided to buy a new KEMPF tipping semi-trailer. Our team configured the 3-axle tipper according to our customer’s requirements and delivered a tailor-made vehicle.

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KEMPF aluminum superstructure with 53.1 m³ capacity

Lars Langhoff now can rely on a maximum of approx. 53.1 m³ on three axles. The KEMPF tipper semi-trailer designed for a two-axle tractor unit is equipped with air-sprung SAF axles of the type INTRADISC. They are alle equipped with disk brakes and as well specially designed for off-road use. The first of the three axles can be raised fully automatically or as a starting aid. As the link between the chassis and the road, the axles literally take on a supporting role. This is not the only reason why KEMPF leaves nothing to chance in production. In order to ensure perfect coordination of the axle geometry, the chassis are laser measured before delivery. In terms of increasing efficiency, this step in the production chain serves to reduce running costs by reducing both tire wear and ultimately fuel consumption.

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Equipment of the KEMPF tipper semi-trailer

When handling bulk goods of different densities, you shouldn’t rely on your gut feeling when it comes to tonnage. With the help of the built-in loading gauge, you always have an overview of the current loading status of the tipper trailer. The axle load can also be shown on the display in the driver’s cab via the EBS Canbus signal, provided the tractor unit has the appropriate equipment. The actual work during the unloading process is carried out by a hydraulic front tipping cylinder from Hyva, which is controlled via the tractor’s hydraulics. If the load lacks the necessary impulse, the built-in vibrating shaker can have a supporting effect. It does its job discreetly under the approx. 7 mm thick aluminum floor of the trough.

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Custom made tarpaulin

Another important detail: the tarpaulin of the tipper. It is colour-coordinated with the tractor unit and is equipped with a central locking system. Its task is to secure and protect the load itself. The tarpaulin, which is made of high-quality PVC, can be wind up onto a 60 mm aluminum tube by using a crank. Another feature is the slider at the rear, which covers a 400 x 400 mm opening. The small door is intended for fine-grained goods. In combination with the supplied dust bag, the operator can conveniently unload grain, for example. The two wing doors at the rear are secured with espagnolette locks and also with an automatic, pneumatically controlled four-hook lock. Last but not least, the icing on the cake: it’s not just the trough that’s made of aluminium. Lars Langhoff has decided to have aluminum rims fitted by Alcoa.

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We wish Mr. Langhoff a lot of joy with the new vehicle.