König + Kaiser | ES-GE Tandem Trailer

Published on 9. June 2020.

“Royal” visit

New ES-GE tandem trailer for König & Kaiser GmbH

“King and Emperor” – united under one roof. The founders of König & Kaiser GmbH, which means “King and Emperor” in English, are not “blue-blooded”, but the conditions for a joint company could hardly have been better. The families of Anne de Koning and Jens Kaiser, who got to know and love each other, are both active in the transport industry. What could be more obvious than using the experience of both companies? The connection with the parental companies Heinz Kaiser KG and W.P. de Koning BV is not only reflected in the name of the transport company, but also in the close cooperation across national borders.


Tandem trailer – from rent to purchase

In addition to large-capacity and container transports, the range of services from König & Kaiser GmbH includes the transport of construction machinery as well as the trade and rental of containers. Our product portfolio includes a flexible and reaonable solution for the transport of 20 ‘containers. In the past few months, the team of the transport company from Upper Bavaria has been able to test the tandem trailer. Until the delivery of their new 2-axle central axle trailer, the team had already put a rental vehicle through its paces. The subsequent order is not only an expression of our customer’s satisfaction with the vehicle, but also an indication of the effectiveness of our rental program.


In Germany we say “Kaiserwetter”

Even if we had no influence, there was – as it should be – “Kaiserwetter” for delivery – which can be translated with “glorious weather for the Emperor”! So it was not only the optional aluminum rims that made a brilliant appearance. In addition to the container locks, the tandem trailer is equipped with many useful details that make everyday transport easier. The ramps that can be attached to the rear can be stowed behind the axles below the loading area. A total of four stainless steel tool boxes are also installed behind or between the axes. Enough space for lashing straps and tools.


Widenable and extendable trailer

Special features of the air-sprung tandem trailer include the extendable drawbar, the extension at the rear and the pull-out container locks. With these locks, extra-wide containers with dimensions of up to 3,000 mm can be fixed. The adjustable drawbar can be locked in six different positions in steps of approx. 100 mm. This helps to maintain the max. total train length and improves the maneuverability if necessary. The vehicle weighs approx. 4,200 kg and thus enables a possible payload of approx. 12,300 kg. The possible total weight is 16,500 kg, with a vertical load of max. 500 kg and maximum axle loads of 8,000 kg each. Optionally available for this vehicle type are fold-down and removable side walls which can be stowed in front of the loading area.


We wish the team from southern Germany a lot of fun with the new tandem trailer. We assume that it was not the last time we had a “royal” visit to our site.