MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin

MAX Trailer MAX100 mit Plane Titelbild
Published on 8. March 2023.

MAX Trailer MAX100 now also with tarpaulin

Popular low-loader semi-trailer from MAX Trailer with a new variant

In 2020, Faymonville added a variant to the MultiMAX series and since then has also been offering the low-loader semi-trailer with a tarpaulin body. The sister company from the Faymonville Group now has a variant of the MAX100 with tarpaulin in its range. Similar to the MultiMAX at Faymonville, the MAX100 as a versatile low-loader semi-trailer, is also a core product at MAX Trailer. The low-loader semi-trailer can be configured with two to six axles and has air suspension across all equipment variants.

MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin

Also MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin part of our portfolio

Through a consistent strategy of standardization, MAX Trailer offers a high-quality product range with an excellent price/performance ratio. Our long-standing supplier from the neighboring country also has consistently implemented this in this new version of the MAX100. We are therefore pleased that this type of vehicle is now also part of our product portfolio. The vehicle type is of course also available for our rental program. We recently added two vehicles in different configurations to our inventory and compared them directly on our premises in Essen.

MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin

Low-loader semi-trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin available in different versions

MAX Trailer offers the new variant with both a rigid and a hydraulically liftable loading area. Regardless of the configuration, the 3-axle vehicle is approved in Germany for a maximum fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg and a maximum axle load of 3 x 10,000 kg. Technically, the axles from BPW offer loads of up to 12,000 kg each. The payload of course depends on the individual configuration.

MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin

Capacity under the tarpaulin

Due to the more complex technical equipment of the vehicle with a hydraulically liftable platform, this vehicle weighs approx. one ton more than the MAX100 with a rigid platform. In concrete terms, the scales indicate approx. 11,345 kg or approx. 12,450 kg for the vehicles delivered. Taking into account the permitted axle loads and the fifth wheel loads, there is theoretically around 36,655 kg or 35,440 kg available for the load itself. Of course, exact values always depend on the individual requirements of the transport, the legal requirements and the respective configuration of the vehicle and the tractor unit.

MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin

Hydraulic ramps at the rear

Both low-loader semi-trailers are equipped with hydraulically operated ramps. The work is done by a unit installed directly on the vehicle. Similar to the respective loading areas, the ramps are also equipped with different coverings. Looking at the vehicle with the liftable loading area, the ramp and parts of the loading area are covered with a grating. This offers advantages in particular when transporting forklifts, lifting platforms and work platforms. The other vehicle has wooden inserts. Checker plate is embedded above the axles of both vehicles.

MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin ramps at the rear

Hydraulically expandable rear portal

Apart from the colour, the side tarpaulin and the roof are identical on both vehicles. The structure can be completely opened manually by pushing the tarpaulin forward. In addition, the rear of the body can be widened hydraulically to make loading easier in certain situations. If loads that are too wide have to be transported, a buffer in the tarpaulin can be used. This is located in a folded section of the tarpaulin just in front of the rear of the vehicle.

MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin opened

A winch helps with loading

MAX Trailer also offers the option of equipping the vehicle type with a cable winch. The electric cable winch has a radio remote control and offers a pulling force of approx. 5,400 kg. After loading, the valuable load is secured. For this purpose, numerous lashing devices are provided ex works on the loading area and on the neck.

MAX Trailer MAX100 with tarpaulin winch

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