MAX Trailer MAX510 with pendle axles

Published on 27. November 2020.

MAX510 with pendle axles

2-axle lowbed semitrailer from MAX Trailer

MAX Trailer stands for a standardized modular system with high quality standards. Since we received the first MAX Trailer in 2012, the brand’s product range has grown steadily. We have now been able to sell over 500 vehicles of the brand from the Faymonville Group. The design and construction of the trailers have always been determined by the know-how and experience of the Faymonville Group. With the expansion and improvement of the product range, MAX Trailer follows the wishes of the customers. Our experience, which we have gained in the many years of cooperation with Faymonville and MAX Trailer, and in particular as part of our rental program, is also incorporated. With immediate effect, the MAX510 with pendle axles is also expanding the ES-GE product range.


Versatile lowbed semitrailer

With the MAX510, MAX Trailer has had a lowbed trailer with two axles, a detachable gooseneck and an extendable loading platform in its range for years. We have successfully placed the low-loader semitrailer, which was previously only available with pneumatic suspension, in our product portfolio from the start – both in sales and in the rental service. Now the customer can choose. MAX Trailer also offers the semitrailer with a pendle axle system. The proven system with 12 t axles has a total stroke of 600 mm. The axle technology is suitable for transports with demanding route profiles. In combination with the maximum steering angle of 60 °, the chassis masters rough terrain and narrow construction site entrances. Once there, the retractable gooseneck on the MAX510 enables a practical option to drive construction vehicles such as excavators directly to the front of the loading area.


Container transport and long material

Not only construction vehicles can be placed between the chassis and the gooseneck. The extendable loading area of ​​the MAX510 lowbed semitrailer is optionally equipped with container locks. Containers with a length of 20 ‘to 40‘ can be fixed on the loading area and safely transported from A to B. But transport options are not only available between the chassis and the gooseneck: with the aid of a loading frame, the MAX510 lowbed semitrailer can, for example, accommodate longitudinal beams with a length of up to approx. 23,500 mm. The gooseneck and a support mounted on the chassis then serve as the support surface.


MAX510 basic equipment and weights

In the basic configuration, the trailer weighs approx. 13,030 kg. Taking into account the axle loads of 2 x 12,000 kg, a 5th wheel load of 18,000 kg and the total weight of 42,000 kg, the low bed offers a payload of approx. 28,970 kg. Ideally, the MAX510 with pendle axles is operated with a 6×2 tractor unit. Technically, the fifth wheel load of the MAX510 is 23,000 kg. The deadweight and payload of the trailer naturally vary depending on the selected configuration, which can be adjusted using the modular system of MAX Trailer. Our team will be happy to advise you if you would like to order an individually assembled vehicle. Preconfigured vehicles for our stock are already ordered in advance. These vehicles can also be customized up to a certain point in time in production, for example with color preferences. Just talk to us.