Noel-Transporte setzt auf ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX110 Auslieferung
Published on 16. February 2023.

Noél-Transporte has relied on our portfolio since 2012

ES-GE as a supplier from the beginning

Since 2008, the name BF3-Noél has not only stood for heavy-duty escorts, but for almost all services relating to heavy-duty transport. With the expansion of the range and the associated founding of the company Noél-Transporte in 2012, our customer has developed from a pure service provider to a full-service provider in the transport sector. The offer includes planning, route testing, approval and the actual transport. The cooperation with us began right wit the start of the transport company. This can also be seen in the vehicle fleet. In addition to the currently seven escort vehicles, the company from Anröchte has access to a total of four tractors and six semi-trailers, five of which come from our company. The team around Margret Noél and Thomas Masalkhi regularly handled peaks in demand or individual transport orders with our rental service.

Noel-Transporte relies on ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX110 Delivery

“Completely satisfied with the service provided by ES-GE”

We asked Thomas Masalkhi, who is in a relationship with the owner Margret Noél and is also the company’s fleet manager and dispatcher, how satisfied he is with our cooperation. Thomas Masalkhi: “Due to our relatively low capacities, we need semi-trailers that we can use individually. We are glad that Thomas Tiedtke from ES-GE had the numerous special requests implemented patiently and professionally. It is quite possible that we would have caused one or two gray hairs with other contacts. In the entire 11 years of cooperation, there was not a moment that remained negative in our memories. All our wishes have been fulfilled so far – no matter how demanding they are.” These include the tool boxes that we installed on the gooseneck of a MAX110 in 2019. This four-axle trailer from MAX Trailer was now followed by a three-axle trailer from the same series.

Noel-Transporte relies on ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX110 Delivery

Five extendable semi-trailers and low loader semi-trailers

According to the individual requirement profile of our customer Noél-Transporte, all of the vehicles we deliver are extendable – either single or double. A Faymonville MultiMAX low-loader semi-trailer has been in use since 2012. We recently added another vehicle to this single extendable low loader semi-trailer and the other extendable semi-trailers. The double extendable low-loader semi-trailer from MAX Trailer complements the vehicle fleet and offers our customers further options in the area of heavy and special transport. The MAX110 is hydraulically steered and can technically be extended by up to approx. 13,300 mm. With the help of extensions in the outer frame, the vehicle can be increased in width to approx. 3,000 mm if necessary.

Noel-Transporte relies on ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX110 Delivery

MAX110 optionally with hydraulic ramps

The team of Noél Transporte mainly transports laminated wood beams, concrete parts, steel structures, prefabricated houses and mobile homes. Construction machinery is also part of their everyday business. Even if the MAX110 is not primarily used for transporting vehicles, the low loader semi-trailer also offers the necessary options for this. At the rear, the loading area has bevels including rails that allow the use of ramps. In addition to manually attachable ramps, the low loader semi-trailer can optionally be equipped with one- or two-part ramps. For the MAX110, both ramps with spring lifting gear and ramps that can be operated electro-hydraulically can be chosen in the configurator. Steering and ramps can be operated with the help of a built-in electro-hydraulic unit, regardless of the truck’s equipment. A power supply via a NATO connection is sufficient to operate the unit.

Noel-Transporte relies on ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX110 Delivery

The low loader semi-trailer from MAX Trailer also impresses with its weight

As has been standard with MAX Trailer for several years, the semi-trailer rolls on BPW axles. Technically, the air-sprung and hydraulically steered axles each have a maximum load of 12,000 kg. Permissible in Germany are 10,000 kg each. Fifth wheel load – maximum 18,000 kg – and axle load add up to a possible total weight of 48,000 kg. A load gauge installed on the vehicle provides information on the current load status. Depending on the accessories used, based on the data entered, there is a theoretically possible payload of up to approx. 33,865 kg for the 3-axle vehicle. The MAX110 is an all-rounder, but thanks to its hydraulic steering, among other things, it is also suitable for applications that require a little more flexibility. It therefore corresponds exactly to the requirement profile of our long-standing customer.

Noel-Transporte relies on ES-GE MAX-Trailer MAX110 Delivery

Delivery of a MAX Trailer MAX110 in 2019

A 4-axle MAX110 has been in use for Noél-Transporte since 2019. The individually designed tool boxes and the Alcoa rims can be highlighted as special equipment features.

We are happy about the long-standing cooperation with Noél-Transporte and wish you a safe journey at all times!