Palfinger Crane Reinstalled

Palfinger reinstall Scania MAN 3
Published on 15. October 2015.

From old to new

How to reinstall a loading crane

Our experienced service team has sucessfully managed to reinstall a Palfinger loading crane PK29002E and the platform of an old Scania truck tractor on a modern MAN truck tractor.

The Scania 3-axled truck tractor was built in 1999. The crane by Palfinger and the superstructure were built in the year 2004.

Since reparing the vehicle itself would not have paid off, but crane and  platform however still were functionable, we decided to install the complete structure on a MAN truck tractor.

The frame of the 3-axled vehicle was extended and equipped with a subframe, so that the tractor type TGX 33.540 6×4 was able to carry the construction.

Electrics, paintwork and hydraulics

The renovation work included, in addition to the revision of the electrics and the hydraulics, the installation of an auxiliary drive and a new hydraulic pump. A specially adapted tank allowed the installation of the front right support.

After final painting of the vehicle it was allowed to begin its “second life” and will hopefully see many more events.

All renovations were implemented professionally by terms of reference of the manufacturer (if existing) and have been approved by German TÜV.