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Prangenberg und Zaum-MAX-Trailer-MAX100-ES-GE-Referenzen-Miete-Kauf-titel
Published on 1. March 2022.

Prangenberg und Zaum – almost 100 years of experience

With sustainability towards the future

In 1930 Heinrich Zaum laid the foundation with a small haulage company in Viersen for today’s Prangenberg und Zaum GmbH (P&Z), which was founded in 1982 by Peter Zaum and Paul Hermann Prangenberg. 40 years later, the haulage and demolition company P&Z is one of the leading German companies in the dismantling and demolition industry. Together with 130 employees, P&Z is characterized in particular by dismantling projects throughout Germany, BeNeLux and Switzerland. P&Z included the topics of environment and recycling in its portfolio early on. The structure of the company also follows the idea of sustainability and a pursuit of continuity, as nine members of the Prangenberg and Zaum families are currently working for P&Z in the third generation. In accordance with the company philosophy “We create space for the future”, all those involved have commited to taking responsibility for the environment and for future generations.


Flexibility as a long-term success factor

Medium to long-term planning of the vehicle fleet is essential for all of our customers. Experienced customers like P&Z usually know exactly what they want when they approach us. Nevertheless, our task is the same for every prospective customer or customer. With the numerous options from our brand and product portfolio, we select products that meet the requirements of daily use. Always at the top of the list of desired properties: flexibility. On the one hand, this refers to the requirements for the vehicles, but on the other hand it also applies to our rental service or our in-house workshop. For example, our rental program is ideal for our customers to convince themselves of the performance of the selected vehicle type in real operation with minimized risk. P&Z used exactly this path.


From the test to the rental agreement to delivery

In accordance with P&Z’s requirement profile, we initially provided our customer with a MAX100 equipped with wheel wells from MAX Trailer as part of a rental agreement. The three-axle low-loader semi-trailer was able to impress after only a short time in use. Besides its provided persuasion during the renting period, it also bridged the delivery time of the new vehicle ordered. We always draw our customers’ attention to the fact that we do not strictly separate rental and sale from one another. At the end of the rental period the new vehicle was ready for collection at our company premises in Essen. After a routine technical check, we included the rented MAX Trailer MAX100 back in our rental pool.


MAX Trailer MAX100 for Prangenberg and Zaum

The MAX Trailer MAX100 delivered by us is a low-loader semi-trailer with three axles. It is basically equipped with self-steering axles. With the selected equipment, the dead weight is approx. 9,300 kg. An axle load of 3 x 10,000 kg and the fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg result in a technically possible payload of approx. 38,700 kg. Deviating from the standard, two pairs of wheel recesses are installed in the loading bed of the self-steering low loader – one pair in front of the first axle and one pair between the first and second axle. Covers can be uses to create an even loading area. The covers have quick-release fasteners and an anti-slip bottom. When not in use, the user can store the covers in the excavator handle recess at the rear of the MAX100.


Electro-hydraulic ramps

The pictures show the rental vehicle with spring assisted ramps. For the new vehicle, P&Z opted for electro-hydraulic ramps. They are controlled via a hydraulic pump, which only has to be supplied with power via a 24V NATO socket. The ramps can be moved sideways and can therefore be adapted to different track widths within the design limits. The installed outriggers help, when transporting extra-wide vehicles, as the loading area can be widened to approx. 3,000 mm. In accordance with P&Z’s request, the outer wheels were replaced with Alcoa aluminium rims. Looks good and matches the rest of the vehicle. A good choice.


It only remains for us to wish the team at Prangenberg und Zaum GmbH a safe journey.