R.D. Schwer- u. Spezialtransporte rents VarioMAX

Published on 26. May 2021.

VarioMAX for R. D. Schwer- und Spezialtransporte

Rental service pays off

The versatile fleet of our customer from Kirchlengern in East Westphalia is characterized, among other things, by daily operations in the areas of large-scale and heavy transport, container transport, construction machine transport and crane work. So far, the low loader semitrailers, platform semitrailers and tractor units with loading cranes in use have met the requirements. For the desired expansion of the range of services, the transport company is now again using our long-term rental program. We were already able to convince our customers of the benefits of our rental service last year. Over the next six months, their team uses a combination of the VarioMAX type from Faymonville. If the package is convincing, a possible purchase is a possible option. For our customers this means: planning security on the one hand and no fixed capital on the other.


Faymonville VarioMAX – versatile and variable

Versatility and variability – that’s not just what our rental service stands for. These two properties are also characterizing the VarioMAX series from Faymonville. Standardized connections and components that can be combined with one another offer numerous options for targeted use on the road. The removable chassis, which can be inserted between the gooseneck and the loading area, can be highlighted as a special feature. In use, the additional chassis primarily offers a higher payload and more flexibility in distributing the load. Regardings the necessary permits, the chassis can be transported on the low bed when it is empty. This creates a more compact train with a shorter overall train length.


Package with five modules

The package rented by our customer consists of a neck, extendable loading area, two trolleys and an intermediate platform, which is approx. 3,000 mm long. The components can be combined with one another depending on the requirements. This results in different configurations for different application scenarios. Although a configured vehicle from the modular system of the VarioMAX series is anything but ordinary, the simplest configuration from the outside consists of a gooseneck, loading area and rear trolley.


VarioMAX with excavator bridge

The retractable and hydraulically operated gooseneck is suitable for operation with 3 or 4-axle tractor units. Technically it offers a maximum fifth wheel load of 25,000 kg. The extendable loading area is designed as an excavator bridge. It has a basic length of approx. 6,500 mm. But it can be extended technically by approx. 3,200 mm and is theoretically suitable for loads of up to 100,000 kg. The supply lines are protected in the carriers and automatically adjust to the length of the loading area. With the help of foldable extensions, the loading area can be expanded to a width of approx. 2,740 mm. Adjustable steel mattresses with rubber covering allow a widening to approx. 3,250 mm. The rear chassis completes the combination with a recess. The cdead weight of this configuration is approx. 25,100 kg. This leads to a technically possible payload of approx. 59,900 kg.

Referenzen-RD-Transporte-Faymonville-Variomax-ES-GE-Vermietung- 2

Front 3-axle trollley for higher loads

By installing the 3-axle trolley between the loading area and the gooseneck, the technically possible payload increases to approx. 89,100 kg. For this purpose, the three axle lines are coupled between the loading area and the neck with the help of mechanical bolt-plate couplings. The total length increases to a total of approx. 21,300 mm – extended up to 24,500 mm. Optionally available quick-release couplings enable uncomplicated separation and coupling of the hydraulic lines. Both, front and rear trolley are equipped with the Pendel-Axle system developed by Faymonville. The hydro-mechanically steered axle lines have hydraulic axle compensation and offer an axle load of 12,000 kg each. With the help of the optionally available radio remote control, the axles can be controlled manually.


Intermediate platform as another option

The optional intermediate platform offers another possible combination. With the help of this module, the two trolleys can be connected to creat an 8-axle semi-trialer. This configuration results in a technically possible payload of approx. 95,500 kg with a total length of approx. 17,560 mm. All the different options show that the VarioMAX concept by Faymonville lives up to its name and meets the growing requirements of heavy haulage companies with variably usable modules.

We wish the team of our customer R.D. Heavy and special transports always have a good trip.