Auto-Service SAFAR GmbH | VarioMAX + MAX100

Published on 2. March 2021.

,SAFAR expands their vehicle fleet

Not just towing and recovery services

Anyone who breaks down with a vehicle will be happy to receive quick, but above all professional help. The recovery of vehicles often poses great challenges for both man and machine, in particular the recovery and transport of heavy commercial vehicles. If they can no longer be moved on their own axles, experts are in demand! As one of the largest providers in the German Rhine-Main area, Auto-Service SAFAR GmbH is active in over 50,000 missions for the ADAC every year, where they take care of broken down vehicles of all categories. This means that the 1973 founded company is also one of the ADAC’s largest mobility partners. The services include salvage work and the towing of buses, trucks or tractor units. In addition to the actual accident assistance, the services for broken-down vehicles range from cleaning the road to renting replacement vehicles.


Mobile crane receives new workmates

In order to meet the growing requirements, SAFAR uses a mobile crane with a maximum lifting force of 100 tons for salvage work and recovery. The mobile crane is also used as a support on construction sites or for loading heavy goods. In addition to salvage and crane work related to broken down vehicles, the company, which ist headquartered in Frankfurt, now also offers transport services. By intentionally expanding the vehicle fleet, SAFAR is able to transport not only agricultural and construction machinery, but also concrete and plant components as well as other bulky goods. We recently handed over two more vehicles to our customer to  hopefully contribute another part to the growth of their range of services.


Faymonville VarioMAX 2+4

The VarioMAX from Faymonville is equipped with the Faymonville pendle-axle system. All six axles of the approx. 2,740 mm wide lowbed semi-trailer are hydro-mechanically steered. Each one has a technically possible payload of 12,000 kg. In combination with the technically possible fifth wheel load of up to 22,700 kg, the configuration delivers a possible total weight of up to 94,700 kg. The use of Faymonville’s pendle-axle-system not only offers higher loads. If necessary, it can deliver more or less ground clearance. Another advantage of the independent suspension: The rear chassis can also be used as a storage for excavator arms.


VarioMAX can be flexibly combined

The VarioMAX from Faymonville can be delivered from a one- up to a three-axle pendle-axle bogie between the neck and the loading area. Chassis and neck can be separated or removed separately. Faymonville’s VarioMAX can also be used as a “simple low bed” – with just a three-, four- or five-axle chassis at the rear. Exchanging the loading area or the use of extension beams is made possible by mechanical bolt-plate couplings. Optionally available quick-release couplings for the hydraulic lines make it easier to change components. An excavator bridge, external girders with a solid floor, a tank bridge with hydraulic widening or a flat bed bridge can be used as the loading area. Crane parts, transformers, construction machines or even precast concrete parts can be transported with the low-bed semi-trailer.


MAX Trailer MAX100 with 5 axles

For the somewhat less spectacular, but no less demanding transports, SAFAR can now also rely on a 5-axle MAX100 from MAX Trailer. The low loader semi-trailer is equipped with one forward and two trailing axles. It offers a technically possible payload of approx. 60,500 kg, with an empty weight of less than 12,500 kg. Both weight specifications are of course always dependent on the  equipment. If necessary, the loading area grows both in length and in width. Technically, the vehicle can be telescoped by approx. 5,900 mm. Pull-out extensions are embedded in the metallized outer frame. Also on board: WADER container locks for the transport of 20 ‘, 30’ or 40 ‘containers.


Long-term rent – with an option to buy

For many of our customers, renting vehicles has already proven to be an opportunity to enter potentially new areas of business. SAFAR also uses it to expand its own range of services at low risk by using rented vehicles. Often only daily use proves whether vehicles meet the requirements and are capable of fullfilling their challenges. Our rental service can open up new businesses without initially tying up capital in the long term. The decision to enter into a long-term rental agreement does not rule out the possibility of purchasing the vehicles later. In order to support our customers, we are also in contact with them during the rental agreement. We want to make sure that our customers use the potential of the rented vehicles. If necessary, we will check together whether there is a better solution for the transport tasks in our rental pool.

We send greetings to Hessen and wish the Auto-Service SAFAR GmbH team success and a good trip at all times!