5-axled Truck Tractor for Kahl

Published on 15. July 2016.

Scania 5-axled Scania truck tractor for Kahl

Visually and technically a highlight

Not only because of the – still – unusual number of axles for a truck tractor the 5-axled Scania vehicle is an impressive machine. Thanks to numerous optional extras the truck tractor R580 LB HNB  10 × 4*4 by Scania has a lot to offer – not only visually, but also technically. This includes Opticruise – a fully automated transmission of Scania. The system takes into account factors such as road inclination, weight of the complete train, characteristic features of the engine and the accelerator pedal position.

GPS data helps to optimize fuel consumption

With the help of GPS data, the predictive cruise control (Scania Cruise Control) as well as the shift program of the transmission is influenced by the topography and actual route. Vehicle speed, engine management can be adapted to the route profile, thus fuel consumption will be reduced by up to 3%.

Two driven axles and a lifting axle

In terms of material protection and cost savings the fifth axle is liftable. It can be operated by using a switch, which is mounted in the driver’s cabin. The up to 580 hp of the V8 engine puts its power on two driven axles. The Euro 6 unit delivers a maximum torque of 2,950 Nm, which is transmitted to the 12-speed split transmission with overdrive with two crawling gears and two reverse gears.

Matching lowbed by Faymonville

The heavy duty truck tractor is approved for gross combination weights of up to 160 t and was supplied with a 3-axled lowbed trailer by Faymonville, which has a special gooseneck for 5-axle tractors with a maximum 5th wheel load of 35 to. The advantage of this 3-axled lowbed trailer with 3 x 12-to-axles as a combintion with the 5-axled truck tractor by Scania is that the load carrying point in the lowbed loading area was constructionally put almost in the center. Further, the low bed is made with a bolt-plate-coupling and 2 x 5 m extension beams, what makes this trailer to an extremely versatile vehicle.

To see the full press release in issue 70 of the Schwertransportmagazin please visit our press archive.

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