Ballast semi-trailer for Josef Buller GmbH

Published on 4. May 2022.

Two new ES-GE ballast semi-trailers for Buller

Our “neighbour” is a regular guest

With a tradition that goes back to the 19th century, the Buller family business has continued to develop over the past decades and has opened up new business areas. The Buller company describes itself as a full service provider for crane rental, special transport, vehicle rescue services and industrial installation. The company from the neighboring town of Gelsenkirchen has been using our rental service for many years, but also regularly buys individually configured vehicles. In the summer of last year, we already focused on our long-standing customer as part of the delivery of a low-loader semi-trailer from MAX Trailer. At the beginning of the year, two new ES-GE ballast semi-trailers were ready for the takeover by Josef Buller GmbH.

Buller Referenzen ES-GE Ballastauflieger 01

ES-GE ballast semi-trailer with 5 axles

Ballast semi-trailers are designed for the transport of crane parts and crane ballast. They are part of the standard equipment for most crane companies with the appropriate machinery. The product portfolio of our own brand regarding ballast trailers includes numerous configuration options. These possibilities include, among other things, the number of axles, but also the design. Usually, ballast semi-trailers are designed as flatbed trailers. However, our range also includes cranked versions and extra short versions. Josef Buller GmbH has decided to purchase two 5-axle ballast smei-trailers with flat loading area.

Buller Referenzen ES-GE Ballastauflieger 02

3 axles with mechanical forced steering

Four axles of the two semi-trailers are equipped with steering systems. The first axle is designed as self steering axle and also has a lift device that can be used, for example, as a traction aid. The second axle is also liftable. Taking into account the technically possible loads, with this traction aid, the pressure on the driven axles of the towing vehicle can be increased and wheelspin can be prevented. Axles three, four and five have a Tridec mechanical forced steering system. With all the installed systems, the two ballast semi-trailers each weigh around 12,900 kg. Taking into account the maximum axle load of 50,000 kg in total and the maximum fifth wheel load of 24,000 kg, this results in a theoretically maximum possible payload of up to 61,100 kg.

Buller Referenzen ES-GE Ballastauflieger 0

Load securing of the ballast semi-trailer

There are different types of lashing options on the loading area itself and on the outer edge. The load securing options consist of hook plates, lashing rings and stake pockets. The delivered model has a total of 86 lashing devices. They provide a maximum lashing loads from 3,000 kg to over 10,000 kg. 44 of the 86 lashing options are stake pockets, that are embedded in the outer frame and in the loading area itself. When the stakes are not needed, they can be stored in a storage mounted in front of the bulkhead. There is space for all 16 plug-in stanchions supplied.

Buller Referenzen ES-GE Ballastauflieger 04

No “crooked legs”

The two 5-axle vehicles are also equipped with a system that prevents damage to the support legs. The crank for the supports is secured pneumatically. With the help of this system, the support legs cannot be lowered until the air has been released. Because a gradual lowering of the loading area can, in the worst case, cause irreparable damage to the support legs.

Buller Referenzen ES-GE Ballastauflieger 05

We wish the team at Josef Buller GmbH a safe journey at all times!