Leasing/ Financing

Benefit from our large pool of more than 700 vehicles to solve your short term needs, as our whole product range is available for leasing!

There is a fluid boundary between buying and leasing our products, as many of our customers prefer leasing a vehicle at first to react to the markets needs at short notice. The term of lease can last from one day over several weeks up to long term lease. If the order situation of our customer may remain steady, they can exercise a buying option – depending on a separate acknowledgement. As we take a large part of the paid rent into account, we can offer customized financing solutions adjusted to our customers needs.

Please regard, that we offer our rental-service only to German companies or companies with a subsidiary in Germany.

vehicles offered for leasing:

  • lowbed trailers
  • extendable trailers / semi trailers
  • special vehicles with pendular axles
  • platform trailers
  • tandem and platform trailer
  • lowbed trailer – also extendable
  • containerchassis
  • inloaders
  • tippers and push-floor trailers
  • trucks – mostly heavy duty

ES-GE vehicles are customized and spezialised vehicles – as well as our offered financing concepts!

To meet our customers demands, we offer flexible and innovative financing concepts. Those will be developed individually and customized according to our customers’ needs.