ES-GE Semitrailer Lightweight Construction

Published on 25. September 2017.

Lightweight- and low-height-construction

3-axle semitrailer in lightweight construction with “mega”-gooseneck

Low weight, a lot of payload: According to the common needs of every carrier, this is what the combination of this Volvo truck and the lightweight ES-GE 3-axle semitrailer offers. With a total train weight of 40,000 kg the combination achieves a payload of approx. 24,940 kg. These loads are made possible by not using steering axles and the missing telescoping as well as by the used fine-grained steel.

Low loading height

Due to the low construction, not only heavy, but also large-scale goods can be carried on the platform, which is partially covered with grid grate. Numerical: The loading height is only approx. 810 mm in unloaded condition, the coupling-height of the trailer is approx. 910 mm.

One-piece ramp at the rear

An electro-hydraulic ramp with grid grate floor is mounted at the rear. Its length is about 3,000 mm. Its construction allows vehicles to drive onto the semitrailer regardless of their track width. A winch can be used as support if necessary. With a maximum ramp-angle of approx. 12 °, the vehicle is ideally suited for the transport of forklift trucks or e.g. work platforms.

Container shipping

The trailer can be used for container transport with the aid of a compensation support. Two Wader container locks are installed in the loading area, the other two are located on the compensation support. The support can be fixed in the stake pockets. Depending on the position of the support, it allows to carry a 40′ or a 20′ container.

Volvo FM 450 4×2 CHH-XLOW

Lightweight construction has also an impact on the weight of the truck tractor. The 2-axle vehicle by Volvo weighs only about 6.600 kg. With its 338 kW, the EURO-6 compliant straight-six cylinder has enough power to have goods comfortably transported from A to B. The automated manual transmission I-Shift shifts autonomously through the 12 gears and transmits the force to the rear axle, which is air sprung, as well as the first axle. The extensively equipped tractor unit is e.g. equipped with an emergency braking function, collision warning, ESP, two fuel tanks.

Purchase, rent, hire purchase

Of course, we also offer this combination as part of our popular rental and hire purchase program.*

*) Please regard, that we offer our rental-service only to German companies or companies with a subsidiary in Germany.