MAX Trailer 10th anniversary

Published on 1. June 2022.

10 years of MAX Trailer

ES-GE best sales partner right from the start

Congratulations to MAX Trailer on their 10th anniversary! As a partner from the very beginning, we have been able to follow the development up close. The introduction of standardized vehicles in the area of ​​heavy and special transport was a novelty in 2012. Initially viewed with skepticism in many places, it was nevertheless recognized quite early on that the concept of the subsidiary of the Faymonville Group was spot on. After all, looking back over the past 10 years, the decision to go with the pioneering modular system can only be described as a success. A success that we, too, have supported with sales and rental from the very beginning. The experience we have gained in sales has helped to establish the brand in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market. We have received awards from MAX Trailer time and time again in recent years for our sales activities.


MAX Trailer relies on high-tech

Over the past 10 years, MAX Trailer has expanded its range and now offers six different product lines. Having started out with the MAX100 low-loader semi-trailer, our supplier now also offers flatbed semi-trailers, trailers and low-bed semi-trailers. The vehicles are produced in a plant in Poland, which we were able to visit together with our colleagues from the European sales network as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations. When it comes to the construction of heavy-duty trailers, the equipment in the state-of-the-art factory sets new standards. To ensure that nothing changes in the long term, investments of more than 23 million euros are to ensure the long-term success. As a sales partner, we are the beneficiaries of this sustainable strategy, but primarily our customers. We will increase our sales volume in the medium to long term, particularly by expanding our rental fleet, as well as our hire-purchase program.

Recent award as best sales partner

The positive feedback from our customers encourages us to continue to rely on MAX Trailer vehicles. Because success proves us right. Regarding the MAX Trailer sales network, we and our team have set the standard over the past 10 years. Compared to all European dealers, we have sold the most vehicles since the brand was launched. We received the award for this achievement during the celebrations for the company’s 10th anniversary. Of course, we are proud of our entire team and are pleased about the renewed award itself as well as about the trust that MAX Trailer has placed in us within the framework of the close cooperation. We will continue to write the story and set another milestone in the foreseeable future with over 1,000 sold vehicles.