MAX Trailer | Best Distributor 2018

Published on 5. February 2019.

Best distributor of MAX Trailer

Awarded again

We once again proved our strength in sales last year, as we distributed more than 100 vehicles from MAX Trailer’s extensive product portfolio. In snow-covered Belgium, we were awarded again as the  best distribution partner of the affiliated company of Faymonville. After all, we were able to market approx. 10% of production via our sales channel. The consistently positive feedback from our customers encourages us to continue to rely on MAX Trailer products and continue our long history of success as a partner with Faymonville. We were also among the top 3 global distribution partners for the core brand Faymonville. Vehicles from the Belgian forge cover a large part of our rental vehicle pool, but also in direct sales. Among all of our products, they continue to ensure that our very popular and growing rental program is built on a high quality basis.

No standstill

The product range of Faymonville and MAX Trailer has been successively developed and expanded in recent years. The number of employees has meanwhile broken the barrier of 1,000 and new production areas have also been developed. In addition to semi-trailers and low-bed semi-trailers, MAX Trailer now also offers trailers – the MAX300 and the MAX600. The trailer MAX 600 has recently been added to the product portfolio. The trailer is equipped with a pneumatic suspension by default. It comes with a flat loading area as a 3-axle as well as a 4-axle variant. It is ideal for transporting small construction machinery.


Our team was able to have an outlook on new technologies and detail improvements in production as well as on the vehicles themselves. We are confident that the collaboration between Faymonville and ES-GE will continue to contribute to the long-term success of both companies.