MAX510 for Container Trucking Service

Published on 11. October 2021.

Regular customer CTS expands vehicle fleet

New MAX Trailer MAX510 low-bed trailer

CTS Container-Trucking Service GmbH has been offering tailor-made logistics services for over 40 years. The company, which operates across Europe, has a wealth of experience in the field of heavy and special transports. Punctuality and reliability are the top priorities of the medium-sized logistics provider from Ginsheim-Gustavsburg. The holistic approach of their offered services includes planning, coordination and implementation of the information- and transport-flows from the sender to the recipient. As a sister company of our customer, GS Kranservice complements the range of services. The range of services of both parts of the company includes crane, transport and assembly work.


Year after year…

In line with its own requirements, the team has a wide variety of vehicle combinations consisting of truck tractors and semitrailers available, as well as machines that can be used individually, such as mobilecranes or trucks with loading cranes. We have a long-lasting customer relationship with CTS Container-Trucking Service GmbH. Our database reveals: A new vehicle is available for CTS once a year. In 2017 we delivered the then new Multimax-PA-X semi-low loader to CTS. Four years later, a MAX510 left our premises in the direction of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg. It applies to CTS and all of our customers: Our team supports transport companies in the selection of accessories and then configures the desired vehicle supported by digital tools on the PC. Finally the purpose and our customer’s preferences determine the product and the accessories. CTS opted for the air-sprung MAX510 with external beams, which was introduced a few months ago.


MAX Trailer MAX510 sets high standards

Over the past few years, the MAX510 from MAX Trailer has proven to be a very robust and versatile vehicle for us and our customers. As a long-term partner and part of the dealer network, we have been accompanying MAX Trailer product launches from the very beginning. In principle, MAX Trailer strives for all product developments and innovations to combine the creativity of the engineers and the data collected from production and sales in such a way that in the end the greatest possible benefit for the customer arises. Everyone involved benefits from this. Standardized assemblies ensure, on the one hand, a constant quality standard and, on the other hand, reduce production costs.


MAX510 with hydraulically steered axles

The semi-trailer, which is equipped with two hydro-mechanically steered axles, can be telescoped. It is intended for operation with a two- or three-axle tractor unit (4×2 / 6×2). Assuming a maximum fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg and the axle load of 10,000 kg approved in Germany, this results in a theoretically possible payload of up to approx. 24,750 kg. The real payload in operation depends on the country-specific laws and is of course also limited by the tractor unit used and the load distribution. For example, the built-in axles offer a maximum technical capacity of 12,000 kg per axle. When fully loaded, the loading height of the air-sprung MAX510 is a mere 350 mm. The loading height of the rear 2-axle-chassis reaches approx. 900 mm when driving with maximum load.


Removable gooseneck with “SNT”

The “C” in CTS stands for container. Thanks to the container locks in the low bed, sea containers can also be transported safely. Another plus of the delivered MAX Trailer MAX510: In order to increase the flexibility when using different tractors, the low-bed trailer has the equipment feature “SNT”. The abbreviation stands for “Screw Neck Technology”. This technology enables the position of the king pin to be adjusted easily. The total length of the gooseneck is approx. 3,750 mm. Technically, it can handle a load of up to 23,000 kg. It is detachable and can be raised and lowered hydraulically. All hydraulic connections from the gooseneck to the low bed have multi-couplings instead of screw couplings. This makes it easier to connect and disconnect the neck. As a further accessory, an INOX tool box shines on the gooseneck. It is framed by aluminum side walls.


We wish our customers a good trip at all times!