MAX Trailer MAX510 | First delivery of new version

Published on 4. August 2021.

MAX510 low-bed semi-trailer with external beams

Latest development from MAX Trailer delivered

Since offering the MAX510, MAX Trailer has had a low-bed trailer in its range that has two axles, a detachable gooseneck and an extendable loading-area. The semi-trailer is part of our delivery and rental program since it was introduced. As with all MAX Trailer models, the “10” at the end of the model’s name stands for hydraulically steered vehicles. The MAX510 is therefore a hydraulically steered low-bed semi-trailer. Originally, the semi-trailer could only be configured with air-suspension. Last year, MAX Trailer expanded the configuration options of the MAX510. Since then it has been possible to equip the low-bed semi-trailer with pendular axles.

MAX510 with air suspension or pendular axles with a max. stroke of 600 mm

Apart from the necessary design measures, the differences between the two versions have not only been limited to the axle units. While the version with pendular axles could only be configured with external beams, the air-sprung version was always provided with a central beam. MAX Trailer has now changed that. The air-sprung MAX510 can now also be configured with external beams. We have received one of the first completed vehicles and have already delivered it to our customer Johs. Oldenburg GmbH + Co. KG.


New low-bed semitrailer for Johs. Oldenburg GmbH + Co. KG

Johs. Oldenburg GmbH + Co. KG has two locations. One of them is located on the North Frisian island of Föhr, where the forwarding company also has its roots. On the approximately 83 km² big island, the offered services are limited. Nevertheless, our customer offers numerous services. This includes services for everything that has to do with containers, waste disposal, as well as demolition and dredging work. The second location is also in North Frisia, but on the mainland in Mildstedt. In between there is about 40 km of air and part of the North Sea. As it is usual for forwarding companies near the coast, our customer offers container transports of all kinds. The transport services offered also include general cargo and special transports. Although our customer’s new MAX Trailer MAX510 is suitable for transporting containers, their new low-bed semi-trailer was planned for special and heavy transports.


MAX Trailer convinces with quality

After exploring the requirements profile, we were able to convince Mr. Singelmann from Johs. Oldenburg GmbH + Co. KG that the latest version of the MAX510 from Max Trailer meets the requirements of the haulage company. With the latest model variant of the MAX510, MAX Trailer also offers an inexpensive and technically high-quality solution. Because the design and construction of the trailers have always been determined by the know-how and experience of the Faymonville Group. We didn’t have to do any persuasion when we configured a vehicle for our customer on the computer that had not yet been seen on the road. However, the design was already tried and tested by Faymonville. It was simply adapted to the standardized modular system of MAX Trailer and included in the delivery program. The components and the processing therefore meet the highest quality standards.

External beams can have advantages

Internal or external beams have their advantages depending on the application. External beams offer advantages when transporting construction machines. They can be driven onto the loading area from the front without manual conversion, even if the low-bed trailer is telescoped. Whereas in the case of a central carrier, elements would first have to be inserted manually, when the vehicle is extended. Compared to the variant with an internal carrier, no manual changes have to be made. Technically, the BPW axles offer an axle load of max. 12,000 kg. At least on German roads, however, the maximum permissible axle load is 10,000 kg.


Air-sprung MAX510 initially only with 2 axles

The deadt weight of the new version of the MAX510 is approx. 12,500 kg, depending on the equipment. Taking into account the maximum axle loads permitted in Germany of 10,000 kg and a maximum fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg, the payload is approx. 25,500 kg. Technically, the gooseneck offers a maximum fifth wheel load of 23,000 kg. As already mentioned, the axles are technically designed for a maximum load of 12,000 kg. MAX Trailer is currently offering the air-sprung MAX510 as a 2-axle vehicle. A 3-axle vehicle is not planned for the time being. The variant with pendular axles can be ordered with two or three axles.


We wish our customers a good trip at all times!