Rothmund receives truck and ES-GE trailer

Published on 14. September 2021.

Rothmund receives truck and trailer

Actros 2553 with box body and ES-GE tandem trailer

Rothmund GmbH has been moving machines and objects for almost 40 years. A crane rental, heavy load transports, machine relocations and the rental of forklifts are part of our customer’s services. The company, based in Pforzheim, has a fleet of machines and vehicles that can lift and move loads of up to 400 to. They see themselves legitimately as a “specialist for heavy loads”. In addition to truck-mounted cranes, loading cranes, low-loaders, low-bed semi-trailers and low-loaders, our customer also uses assembly trucks with a tail lift. Especially for these assembly jobs, we have supplied our customer with a tailor-made truck and also with a fitting tandem trailer with box body and a tail lift. The combination is the second complete truck and trailer combination we have delivered within a year: Go to the article


Rothmund’s new Mercedes-Benz Actros 2553 with a special body

The towing vehicle of the delivered combination is a three-axle truck from Mercedes-Benz. The fifth generation Actros type 2553 L 6×2 has a registered total weight of 26,000 kg. A diesel engine with an output of 530 HP (390 kW) works under the size L, air-sprung GigaSpace driver’s cab. As the wheel formula already reveals, the unit transfers the power to one driven axle. The Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission, which has one “Economy” and one “Power” driving mode, works in between. Not only the automatic transmission supports the driver. Rothmund ordered many electronic systems on board. The installed systems include: Lane keeping assist, distance keeping assist, attention assist, traffic sign assist and the recently much discussed turn assist, which monitors the “blind spot”.


Structure with tail lift and sliding roof

The chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2553 has been given a structure with reinforced plywood walls, which is closed at the rear by a tail lift from Dhollandia. With an even load distribution, it offers a maximum load capacity of 6,000 kg. Up to this weight, it is also suitable as a drive-over ramp for loading processes. It was specially developed for the transport of machines, forklifts or agricultural vehicles. The loading area of the Actros is covered with screen printing plates, which are covered with galvanized expanded metal. Loading and unloading is supported by Joloda rails, which are embedded in the loading area. To keep everything in place the journey, five lashing eyes on each side offer the option of securing the load against slipping.


Safety first even in winter

The roof is a sliding roof that can be opened from the back to the front. It is equipped with a function that makes life much easier in winter. The system is called RSAB. The four letters stand for RoofSafetyAirBag. With the help of this airbag, roof tarpaulins can be freed from ice in winter. In order to avoid the building of ice, the Eberspächer pre-heater also supplies the body with warm air if required. A digital control unit and a sensor enable targeted control of the temperature.


Radiator grille at the front, hot grill at the rear

Speaking of temperature, the most important feature of the ACTROS is – at least from the point of view of the assembly team – possibly the integrated, pull-out gas grill, which is attached in a V2A tool box below the loading area. After all, it is important not to neglect enjoyment during breaks. However, the truck does not offer any sleeping places. Our customer ordered the truck without the comfort bed in the driver’s cab. Instead of a bed, there are additional seats in the second row. There is space for a total of five people in the driver’s cab. The bright red fire extinguisher box on the rear of the Actros catches the eye. Right next to it: a water container with a soap dispenser.


ES-GE tandem trailer with tarpaulin structure and tail lift

The new two-axle ES-GE central axle trailer of our customer Rothmund GmbH not only looks like a shortened twin of the truck. The trailer’s equipment is similar to that of the Actros, both inside and out. A frame made of high-quality steel profiles, manufactured in lightweight construction, forms the basis for the construction of the two-axle vehicle. Two air-sprung axles, each approved for 10,000 kg, carry the frame and body. The first axle can be lifted  – depending on the load. Similar to the Actros, the tandem trailer is equipped with a body with a sliding roof tarpaulin including RSAB. The rear of the trailer is also closed off by a Dhollandia tail lift. Inside, the floor ist also covered by screen printing plates including galvanized expanded metal.


Variable structure with detailed solutions

The tail lift, which is supplied with power via a NATO socket at the rear of the truck, is technically suitable for a load of up to 9,000 kg – even when used as a ramp. If it gets too narrow when loading via the ramp, the rear portal frame can be extended to a total width of approx. 3,300 mm. In conjunction with the extra-long tarpaulin, the ES-GE trailer enables extra-wide devices to be transported under tarpaulin. The supplied over-width boards at the front and rear with LED position lights warn other road users. Built-in forklift pockets on the front of the trailer are a special gimmick. If a forklift is on board, it can be transported with the front wall in a form-fitting manner. Heavy-duty eyelets, stake pockets across the direction of travel and lashing eyes for diagonal bracing completet the securing options in the trailer’s cargo area.


We wish the assembly team of Rothmund GmbH a lot of fun with the new vehicles and, of course, one or the other nice barbecue evening too!