Schmidbauer trusts in our range of services

Published on 16. November 2021.

Schmidbauer Group has been using our full range of services for decades

Products and service from a single source

With over 20 vehicles ordered in recent years, the name Schmidbauer is right at the top of the list of our strongest customers. During our business relationship, the company, which has grown into a corporate group, has used our entire range of services. Schmidbauer has not only trusted in our sales department, but also in our rental service, the workshop service and the knowledge of our service team, which takes care of the smooth processing of repairs or spare parts orders. In 2019 we already highlighted the long-term cooperation with the Schmidbauer Group. It has been two years since the last large package was shipped. Our cooperation did not stop during this period. We have made a lasting contribution to the renewal of our customer’s vehicle fleet.


Fricke-Schmidbauer Heavy Load GmbH

Another six vehicles, painted in the eye-catching “daffodil yellow”, have left our premises since 2019 and are now part of the Schmidbauer Group’s fleet. The group of companies consists of a nationwide network of branches with locations in Germany, but also abroad. Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast GmbH is part of this group. The company operated under the name Louis Fricke KG until 1978, before it became part of the group as a 100% subsidiary. The range of services offered by Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast GmbH includes heavy and special transports in all dimensions, industrial and precast assemblies, factory relocations and machine transports. Aptly, Fricke-Schmidbauer’s motto is “WE MOVE (ALMOST) EVERYTHING” – not just horizontally, but also vertically. The range of services also includes crane work with a weight limit of 500 t. In the entire group of companies, individual lifting capacities of up to 1,350 t are even possible.


Four-axle ES-GE ballast trailer

Ballast and cranes are clearly connected. Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast GmbH takes on the transport of the ballast weights itself and relies on ballast trailers from our brand ES-GE. The semi-trailers, specially designed for the safe transport of crane ballast, are particularly suitable for this purpose due to their robust construction. In everyday life, however, they are not only used to transport crane ballast. Individual parts of cranes are also transported. We handed over a four-axle model to Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast GmbH in the summer. The ES-GE ballast trailer is equipped with four axles. It weighs approx. 10,800 kg and offers a technically possible payload of approx. 54,200 kg. The load can be distributed over a total length of approx. 11,600 mm. Three of the four axles are mechanically steered. The first axle is rigid and can be lifted.


ES-GE ballast trailer with cranked neck

Crane ballast can be evenly distributed on the loading area. When transporting crane components, the situation changes. The indivisual loading height sets limits. The solution: a gooseneck. Ballast trailers with a gooseneck are a rarity, but this design offers more freedom than a “normal” ballast trailer. Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG, also part of the group, picked up one in Essen this spring. The twin-tire ES-GE ballast semi-trailer weighs approx. 19,000 kg. It offers a theoretically possible payload of up to approx. 66,000 kg on a technical basis. The loading bed is approx. 1,270 mm high. Five of the six axles are steered. The liftable first axle is self steering. Axles three to six are steered via a hydraulic steering. The second axle is rigid, but can also be lifted. The hydraulically steered axles can be steered manually with the help of a radio remote control.


More than 10 MAX110 shipped

Another MAX Trailer MAX110 also started service for Schmidbauer. It was the twelfth trailer of this type that we have delivered to them within the last three years. Such a number of follow-up orders generally testifies to absolute trust in us as a supplier and in the quality of our portfolio. But the skills of our service team were also in demand. All MAX110 were modified. The manual support legs were exchanged for hydraulically operated ones. Hand in hand with the replacement of the supports: the installation of an automatic lowering system. The system has been implemented as a safety device. It prevents the landing gear from kinking. Last but not least: An ES-GE trailer, which was technically and optically prepared by our team.


We look forward to continued cooperation and wish our customer a good trip at all times.