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Published on 27. April 2021.

Complete train for Sönke Jordt

Sönke Jordt receives Faymonville GigaMAX and Volvo tractor unit

Our customer Sönke Jordt Maschinen- und Schwertransport GmbH & Co. KG undoubtedly has an impressive fleet of vehicles. The company from the far north can now fall back on 40 vehicles. The vehicles include platform semi-trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, inloaders, tarpaulin trailers, but also crane vehicles with a lifting force of up to 300 to. A total of 60 employees take care of the daily operations of the transport and logistics company. The services offered include crane work, heavy haulage and industrial assembly. The transport of transformers, machines and construction machinery is now part of their day-to-day business. Due to the close proximity to the coast, the company is also specialized in boat transport.


Sustainable planning of the vehicle fleet

When it comes to expanding the vehicle fleet, we have been one of the first contacts for many years for the with the unmistakably painted vehicles. In 2019 alone, we were able to deliver five vehicles. Long-term cooperation makes a lot of things easier. We therefore see our task not only in sales, but also in the active planning of the vehicle fleet – always in the interests of our customers. After all, sustainable planning is a basic requirement for a targeted configuration of a new vehicle or a complete train. We delivered the last result of our collaboration in March. A complete train, consisting of a tractor unit from Volvo and a low-bed semi-trailer of the type GigaMAX from Faymonville is now part of the fleet of Sönke Jordt Maschinen- und Schwertransport GmbH & Co. KG.


Faymonville 4-axle GigaMAX low-bed semi-trailer with movable gooseneck

The new combination opens up numerous possibilities for the Sönke Jordt team in the heavy-duty sector. The hydro-mechanically steered GigaMAX from Faymonville technically delivers a total weight of 70,700 kg. It is the sum of the technically possible fifth wheel load of 22,700 kg and the maximum axle load of 12,000 kg per axle line. If the tractor unit allows it and the fifth wheel load is maxed out, there is a possible payload of almost 48,000 kg – depending on the equipment. The GigaMAX is designed for operation with 3 and 4-axle tractor units. Due to the built-in pendle-axle system from Faymonville, the vehicle has hydraulic axle compensation.


Three components: neck, low-bed and rear chassis

The assembled configuration of the Faymonville GigaMAX consists of three components: neck including axle-line, low-bed area and the rear chassis. At the front, the retractable neck of the low-bed semi-trailer has an integrated axle-line. By choice it can be configured with one or two axles ex works. The front axle lines are always connected to the neck and cannot be separated from the neck separately. 8,000 mm is the length of the extendable low-bed loading area in “super low design”. Technically it can be extended up to 5.000 mm. Therefore the supply lines are protected in the beams. They automatically adjust to the length of the low-bed, which is equipped with a 50 mm hardwood floor. Between the axles of the rear chassis there is a recess for excavator arms. From front to back a perfect tool for demanding special and heavy transports.


Volvo FH 540 6×4 SZM CHH STD

A three-axle tractor type FH from Volvo was also put into operation together with the low-bed semi-trailer. We configured the tractor, which was painted bright yellow ex works, in cooperation with our customer and ordered it from the manufacturer. Extras such as the polished aluminum rims and the additionally mounted roof headlights ensure a glamorous and individual appearance. However, the tractor is not only impressive in terms of looks. The Volvo tractor unit with the exact designation FH 540 6×4 SZM CHH STD has a 12.8 l diesel engine with an output of up to 405 kW with a maximum torque of 2,652 Nm. The gear change is done automatically by the I-Shift transmission, which also has a heavy-duty program. Differential locks provide the necessary grip in difficult track conditions.


Numerous assistance systems

The Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) is certainly to be highlighted in the long list of extras. The system stands for perfect straight-line stability and intelligent support for the driver. It is a combination of hydraulic power steering and an electronic control system including an electric motor. The motor is connected to the steering gear and, if necessary, corrects steering movements or provides additional power when maneuvering. So it makes everyday life easier for the driver and ensures extra safety. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) with collision warning and emergency braking function is of course also on board.

We wish our customer a good journey at all times and a lot of fun with the new vehicles!

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