Sönke Jordt | Volvo truck and ES-GE semitrailers

Published on 12. June 2019.

5 vehicles for Sönke Jordt

Volvo tractor unit, ES-GE megatrailer and semi-trailer

Just about 450 km lay between our company premises and the headquarters of Sönke Jordt Maschinen- und Schwertransport GmbH & CO. KG in Ratekau. Anyone who has ever taken a holiday on the Baltic Sea has most likely passed the home town of our long-time customer or even left the A1 in the direction of Timmendorfer Strand. For 25 years, the company has been known as a supplier for crane work, heavy transport, towing and salvaging service as well as landlord of forklift trucks.

Happy during pick up

It is difficult to answer, if the proximity to the beach is responsible for their consistent good mood during their visits on our premises. Maybe their mood is connected to the vehicles waiting in Essen for their pickup. This year, we had several visits from Ratekau and were able to hand over a total of five vehicles in 2019 to their new owner. It was time again in mid-May. Unfortunately, the sun stayed back a bit that day. The new owner and the two vehicles, however, beamed like sunshine.


Volvo tractor unit

A complete train was ready for pickup on our premises in Essen. The head of the combination is a Volvo 6×2 tractor from the FH500 series. On our customer’s request we installed a height adjustable fifth wheel by Orlandi. By using the coupling, the tractor can be used with semi-trailers with different fifth-wheel heights. With a fifth wheel height of only 980 mm, the vehicle is perfectly suited as a towing vehicle for our megatrailer. The engine of the 3-axle lowliner meets the latest emissions standard, delivering 375 kW (510 hp) or a maximum torque of 2,550 Nm. A 12-speed gearbox transmits the torque to the drive axle via an automated gearbox, while the second axle is designed as a lifting axle.


ES-GE Megatrailer

The extendable ES-GE semi-trailer rolls on axles by Gigant. In conjunction with the technically possible fifth wheel load of 18,000 kg, the chassis allows a total weight of 48,000 kg. This leads to a theoretically possible payload of approx. 37,300 kg. Due to the low weight of the delivered tractor, this weight can be achieved with an appropriate load distribution – with the exception of only a few kg. When loaded, the loading height of the combination of the Volvo Lowliner and the ES-GE Megatrailer is approx. 1,080 mm. So almost 3 m in height remain for the transport of cargo.

ES-GE platform semi-trailer

Another three of our standard platform semi-trailers enlarged the fleet of Sönke Jordt Maschinen- und Schwertransport GmbH & CO. KG. The semi-trailer achieves a payload of about 38,600 kg with a technically possible total weight of 45,000 kg. Contrary to our megatrailer, the plateau semi-trailer is suitable for operation with standard truck tractors with a coupling height of approx. 1,170 mm. Thanks to the adjustable fifth wheel the previously described Volvo tractor is also suitable for this semitrailer. The chassis is carried by three airsprung and disc braked axles. The first axle is liftable with fully automatic, load-dependent control. Stake pockets (mounted longitudinally and transversely in the loading area), numerous lashing options and container locks guarantee a wide range of possible uses. The vehicle is – like the mega trailer – an outstanding all-rounder.


We wish always a good ride.